You Idiot….#lifefail

You Idiot….#lifefail

If you’re going to do it, do it big or else don’t do it at all. Thats the mentality I had when I came to doing this. I wanted to try to hit up some big names in the sports world for my blog. I wanted to show that even if you are a top athlete; you can be vegetarian or vegan and still perform. The prime goal is to get a little insight into that world and share their story. You can compete with the best and even be the best. Theres a few recognizable names who try these diets for whatever reason it might be. You got guys like Aaron Rodgers, Colin Kaepernick, David Carter, and Arian Foster. In other sports you got Mike Tyson, Carl Lewis, and Venus Williams. I read up on a few and decided to try and reach out to some.

If they reply great, if they don’t no problem. I tried. I figured I can’t imagine everybody contacting them about these issues so give it a shot. Many people might not even think to do it. One that stood out is Tyrann Mathieu of the Arizona Cardinals. The baddest of the bad. Plays with such a high energy and tenacious in the game, he’s been dubbed the Honey Badger. When you take the type of sport, the position, and them being vegan its quite interesting. Especially in a sport that is a crazy energy and fighting mentaility game of football. Its an interesting juxtaposition to be a vegetarian. Not that there should be one, but its how its viewed and the¬†facts. Should be no way you are vegetarian or vegan in a sport where you need big muscles and speed. Also, the branding of a player as a vegetarian or vegan can play into mentality on the field.

I hit them up on instagram or facebook and just waited. Few days later, guess what, a reply! So excited, so thrilled!!!!! it was the Honey Badger! MR. MATHIEU!!!!!!!! He actually replied to my comment! Ok, lets see what he says. Oh….. My……. God… are you serious. Biggest fail of my life. I didn’t even spell his name right. You got to be kidding me. I was probably so nervous to even write a comment and rushed to write something then send. I didn’t even notice. Matthew…Mathew. Are you kidding me. You been watching this guy play since LSU!

I can’t even think about it. At least he replied, at least he saw my comment and makes for a funny story. And guess what, a big lesson learned, spell the damn name right next time. Sorry.






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