I made a post not too long ago about the wasps and the tragic ending to it. But earlier that week while doing some landscaping really opened my eyes again. I always try to just appreciate and see life around me. While many see a need to travel to wooded area like a park or think somewhere far away to experience nature. It is actually all around you all the time. I was putting into some edging to the front yard to prevent weeds to get to our flowers. We needed to prepare for our son’s birthday party and make everything look nice.

I thought it was going to be some rain that day. But for whatever reason, that rain wanted to mimic a monsoon. It was downpouring and knowing me, I wanted to get shit down and not think about it. So I stayed on course to dig around the the followers and put the edging in. All during that time of edging I saw so much life that I would forget think is even there. I saw ants crawling all over the grass. As I moved side to side, crickets would be jumping out of my way. There was millipeeds and worms in the ground as I dug it up. Some bees were got caught in the rains. A more than comfortable spider had crawled run away from me in his hole. A few minutes later I actually saw it jump on my arm and then off. The sorta freaked me out to be honest! Weeds and other vegetation that was making its way around had there life abruptly removed by my hands. You think wildlife is just some deer or bird you spot in 1000 acres of wilderness. No there is wildlife right in front of you without even knowing it.

Just sit and think that moving your lawn, digging up the ground for edging, spraying your grass with fertilizer or plants with pesticide can have so much affect on everything around you. All that life was all around me for doing as simple task. Jut think about working your way around your house what you could find or see. An even more revelation is the impact you can have. I probably destroyed some bugs home or separated other life from their family. We are some worldly giant pounding away on what they know is home. Humans are probably equivalent to a massive tiger or shark in their world. A massive moby dick going around to kill everything in its path. We cause destruction all around from just walking and yet we are not aware of all this life right around us. Take time to just take one look at a spot in your grass, tree, flowers, bush, under a rock and see what you can find.

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