Its been quite some time since my Adoption Poster battle with Petco quite a few months ago. I actually have an update. After getting ignored and delayed week after week. I think some of my badgering about pets might have actually paid off. I’m first here to state I’m a little disappointed in how my issue was addressed.

There was so much momentum at first. There was a lot of back and forth being the regional manager in addressing which stores needed the poster. What did the poster look like. They are looking for new posters. Looks like I would just wait a week or two and all would be clear. New posters up, new awareness. Just a small waiting game. Then the waiting game turned too long. No more email responses. Phone calls were were not being picked up. I know people can be busy but it was getting a little ridiculous. Its not something to push aside. You work at Pet Store for pets. I revealed how much power they had for awareness on the adoption and pet overpopulation issue. That this was something they could do a lot of good. I guess its not important enough to this person or the Petco.

I decided to be a little more forward. More emails and more phone calls. Then boom, after a few months of waiting, I get a response. Theres a new regional manager…. After all that hardwork, I’m back to square one. I was actually connected with the new manager which seemed promising. He seemed to be on top of things, he was energetic and very responsive again. I detailed everything again and again what happened. WE NEED THESE POSTERS UP! People need to know! He seemed to acknowledge this urgency and even CC’ed a higher up manager.

And now a new waiting game has happened. Don’t hear anything yet. Its been almost 3 weeks. Sent off another email for a follow up. And now its been a week from that. Is my message not clear? Are you that busy? How hard can it be to get a poster up. Maybe Petco doesn’t care about the pets.





Just before my trip off to Hawaii with my family. (A long needed trip by the way). We needed to house our sweet Lucy. Shes unfortuantely just a little too big and too rambunctuous for any of our family or friends to watch. So we like to put her at Petsmart. The workers there seem to do genuinely care about the pets and making them happy.  Its the Petsmart at Tysons corner, I think its a smaller store that can’t house as many animals. Do they can get more attention from the workers.

I rushed the morning that we needed to take off. Luckily I didn’t hit any traffic. I storm in and bring Lucy in. She’s a little skiddish. She hasn’t been in over a year. Little frightened. The workers made her feel safe and then she went right in. Wonders what a few treats can do.

I’m rushing to get back to the care and get out of the front entrance. I decided to stop for a second. Just remember dropping off my sweet dog. I was sad. I mean its my FUR-BABY! Low and behold. A nice big red sign on the front doors say mentions adopting a dog. RIGHT THERE. RIGHT WHEN YOU WALK IN. Thank you Petsmart. You already have it for every single customer that walks into see it. Where should you get a dog, ADOPTION. Loud and clear. Was it that hard to put a big sticker on your store to help save animals. Looks like I didn’t have to do any cold calling for this one.

Lets see if Petco can step up its game.

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