We’ve Gone Mainstream Global Baby!

I like to talk about exciting times with the the compassionate and eco trends. WELL ITS GETTING EVEN MORE EXCITING.!!!!

I’m literally bombarded with vegan things, animal rights things, environmental things of every sort of news left and right. You can’t stop hearing about it. And its wonderful!

I mean shit. Lets list it all out from one month alone.

  1. Disney Parks Restaurants all going vegan friendly with one dish
  2. Virginia Tech participated in Climate Change discussion and protests
  3. DC Climate Protest
  4. Burger King Impossible Burgers and Beyond Meat IPO
  5. Nestle is joining in on the Vegan battles
  6. Subway Is coming out with Vegan Meatball Sub
  7. Taco Bell is Having Vegetarian Section on Menu
  8. UN Climate Talks
  9. Kids TV shows mentioning Veganism and about caring for environment
  10. My contractors that work on my house have gone VEgan
  11. Talking to a coworker about the benefits of going Vegan and younger generation like her son not eating certain foods due to animal treatment.

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