Welcome To The Annandale Jungle

Welcome To The Annandale Jungle

Last week, I was relaxing waiting to pick up my brother and his family from the airport. Nice lazy Sunday. Until one phone call made it not so lazy and a little too exciting. I got a call from my mother to come over. THERE IS A SNAKE! Panic stricken and out of control. I just rushed over to see what was going on.

Rushing to the top floor to look at the pond. I see this gigantic snake in the pond. Oh Dear…… Is it trying to get a drink of water, eat my fish, cool down… Please just leave. I’m not going to lie. I’m not the best with snakes. I’ve been told a number of snake stories from my father from his time in Cambodia when I was a child. It did not help me with to cope with this situation.

I still feel bad about a snake I killed a couple of years ago. It was at my cousins house. His wife saw the snake and was afraid of it. I was also afraid of it harming there dogs. Looking back. It really didn’t pose a threat. If I just nudged it away, ┬áit would be gone and bother no one. Its hard for me to kill these days as you can see. They really don’t want to bother anyone.

I had to take those lessons and apply it to this one. I had to make it go away. Not kill it. I went close to inspect and saw that it got severely tangled in the fish net we cover the pond. I tried spraying it with water to make it try to unravel free. No work. A wonderful family friend and neighbor of mine, Ann, come over to help. I thought, I need to step up! Only man here. Though I wasn’t the real man, Ann was walking around the snake with no fear. Do mind you, the snake was about 5 foot long as I could tell. We worked together to analyze the situation and cut the net free. I even came within a few feet of the snake. I sort of become more calm as I realized this was just an animal in need. This snake wasn’t going to harm me, it was more frightened then I was.

As I cut the last strings away, it broke free and slithered away. I bolted away and ran into the house! Free snake, alive and well. To roam and go as it pleases. It made me happy to save the animal. The predicament it was in was because of us and putting that net there. It was trapped because of us. I should not have killed it because I felt danger when we humans was the one to cause him to get stuck there. And I need to cut the damn jungle around the pond, so animals don’t like to hang out there!!!!


FYI: I saved another mouse the other day from my mothers home and my home as well. He was happy to go free!

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