Hello everyone, I’ve been gone for quite some time. Work, Pet Loyal Project, taking care of my son, and going out of the country twice in the past month set me back some. But in that time, have been some very valuable, frustrating, and deep lessons learned for myself. I went to visit the other side of the western world of France and Italy. We can save that 16 day adventure for another time, lots of stories told there. But lets stop for a little story for my trip to our neighbor to the north. Good ole Canada.

It was my cousins bachelor party in Montreal. Can’t wait for his wedding in June! If you’re reading this, Congratulations Sydney and Steph!!! I can’t wait to attend. Its going to be a ton of fun. I’ll be able to enjoy and be marry with family and friends. Couldn’t be happier for two wonderful people to join together for a lifetime.

Anyways, I didn’t know what to expect or what to think about my experience up their with the foods available and the old friends. My brother and other cousin was there along with some college friends of my cousin Sydney that I’ve met many times before. My brother said his first step the second we landed would be the famous Schwartz’s beef. There are typically lines out the door and #1 place to visit in the city to eat. I had it before. It is damn good. I’m real. It makes peoples mouth water. This was back when I was a “flexible” vegetarian.

I really didn’t think how strict I would be on this trip. There was no joke that this is the first stop on our trip. I said this is the best time to make a stance as a vegetarian. Going to restaurant where meat is the focus and main staple. But to show new friends and old that my lifestyle choice is not a joke. I want them to know this about me and what I’ve come to learn.

All the guys landed and meet up at the hotel. We headed to Schwartz soon after. As everybody sat down and ordered. I began to just come out and take initiative and say that “I’mma just get the fries.” Everybody went whatttttt?!!! I know what you’re thinking. #1 world place for beef in the world. And I skip out? WHY?! I told everyone sorry I’m vegetarian now. I won’t eat it. I thought I need to be steadfast and confidence in my decision. I just casually said, “yeah I’m vegetarian now…..” it was a little odd in the air. What struck me is a comment that will stick with me for a while. While some may be offended as I initially would, like I said its a learning experience and firms my resolve.


I mean lets think about it. Don’t worry, he’s gonna eat that shit. #1 what is there to worry about that I don’t eat it? Why does it matter if I don’t eat it. Oh I’m sorry I’m saving a life? I’m not preventing you from eating it. Your life and your choice is your own. And the late part of so frankly stating I will eat it. Because it tastes good is why I will throw out the window my morals and animal friends. That no no matter how the animal was abused, killed, raped, environmental destroying the meat originated from that because it tastes good, I will disregard it al. Its casualness even more upset me that belittled my vegetarian lifestyle after well knowing for quite few years I’m a vegetarian.

What did I learn, the few times I’ve slacked and ate meat. It not only tarnished but destroyed the fight for compassion for animals. Because even a couple out of 1000 times where I ate meat in the past, this particular person totally disregarded me as a person and what I believe in. And you know what. Its my fault! I’m the one who makes the choices on what I eat and don’t eat. Nobody is forcing me to eat it. It was a big lesson you can apply to many other aspects or situations in life. If I don’t stick to what I do and show others. They will not believe or trust the lifestyle that I have fought for. So I need to not sway or any situation give in. Because I can’t change others if I have not made the change completely myself.

Everyone else was very receptive. They appreciated and understood my choice. Its not a farfetched idea. They questioned why I did and wish they could do it themselves. But this is not a time for lecture haha. Its suppose to be about fun for my cousin. And I didn’t want to ruin the mood with my debates. Thought I did debate with one of his other friends. He stated he would love to do it, but their some other pressing issues that face our humanity today. So be it. As long as you understand are willing to change. My cousins future brother in law was also a person who put limits on his meat intake. He did not eat red meat or I believe pork. We didn’t really dive into why. But he just explained its just choices he made. I was quite interested in learning from the younger generation. Ok I’m not that old, im 32, but I’m interested to learn form 19 year olds. A more than decade in time to see changes in society. What gave me comfort and hope is he told me many people of his generation are more open and understanding. And its something we see in social media and American culture today. The term vegetarian and vegan are common and companies are paying attention to our needs.



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