Pet Loyal Project is underway. A tentative date for me to get the dog tags is mid March. I tried doing a Go Fund Me page and see if anyone might be interested. I’m not good at asking friends or family for money. And for some reason, I like to keep my projects to myself. I don’t need the rolled-eyes and negativity from people who think its some fun project. Or they think I’m typically drunk or LA LA land mode thinking I can do something to make a change in society or life.

Whether I sound crazy, passionate, aggressive, idealistic, I would would my endurance and compassion would shine through. I really don’t know what people see of me and I never will. And in the end it doesn’t matter what people think because its not about any of us. Its about the animals, its about life. Its about them. So I no longer bring it up because I learned I don’t need to discuss or receive validation. I know what I want and I’ve set a goal. I need to reach it.

I had one lovely person contribute to my Go Fund Me page, she donated $10. Its actually more than I could ever think of. And I’m so very thankful that person was able to contribute. She was able to see my passion and gave me a chance. And I continue to move with whatever support I have, however big, small, or none. I feel honored that people believe in me. She had the kindest words for me on the page.

And even though I was not able to reach my goal or get close to it. I need to move on. In the end, I have the ability to make a difference. I have the chance and time to make a difference. And even though I wanted to reach my goal and raise enough funds to do the project. The end animals are dying everyday. They don’t have time to wait for me to reach my goal.

I think I’ve touched on this in the past. But talking about time. I’ve learned to take things slower and let it grow organically. But there is a part of me to just make things happen and I want it now. I want to see progress. So even though I’ve matured to not stress with roadblocks, I just can’t wait for this part to happen. There is no good time for so many things. You just got to go with it and make it happen. So I paid the full amount for the tags to be produced. I needed done now and I needed to get it started. I pulled the trigger for it.

So we will be waiting a month until the tags are shipped. And continue with Pet Loyal Project to get started. In the meantime, I can continue to plan and analyze. Keep the momentum going.

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