The Slaughtering By Numbers

Just to think, in human numbers, even a few is a travesty. When we see the news, a rampant wild person decides to kill 5 people. In Chicago, the number killed over a year is 200, within a city population of a million but the country is over 300 million. Insignificant numbers to say the least. When looking by the number itself or by percentages.

During 9/11, about 3000 had lost there life. And that changed the way our world worked forever. In the Holocaust, 7 million, in the Cambodian genocide, nearly 1.5 million. Now that is staggering numbers and the worst in human history. This is how we gauge and experience numbers. All these human lives are precious. I’m not here to take away what has happened or diminished the atrocity. Only to look and open peoples eyes on the larger scale of what has happened and the killing we do by numbers.

I stumbled upon this article the other day and made me think and to compare.

Yet, when it comes to killing animals to feed. The numbers are astronomical and dwindle this in comparison. Obviously comparing human violence to feeding people is not apples to apples. But I do like to compare senseless killing. Because my objective is again to show that we humans have a choice and free will to decide on our life and what we eat. We have control what we can do.


This census goes out in China to give the numbers of China’s Livestock and also arable land. The numbers are staggering to feed 1/3 of the worlds population. Lets take a look at some of the numbers. 4.8 Billion Chickens, 419 million pigs…. I mean these are all going to die for meat. Who knows how many are killed a day or year. But take this figure alone and I can’t even begin to comprehend how much are going to die. This is China alone! Not to mention how many years they will kill and keep killing to feed its ever growing population. How much is the worlds total of meat consumption? This is nearly a thousand millions that were killed in the Khmer Rouge Genocide or the Jewish Holocaust. If you were to think in terms of life and suffering. Its beyond anyone would want. Even searching for this article I found China is looking to limit the meat consumption by its people because they simply can’t feed them. Forced partial vegetarianism by its government hahaha. Who would have thought. Real eye opener to the agricultural industry and how much we consume. It seems to never be enough.

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