There was this lovely dog named Oscar who my wife and I have watched a number of times. He was a cute little dog with a exploring personality. He must have been some sort of chihuahua mix since I’ve never seen anything like him. I can’t find any photos of him for some reason. I won’t get into any details but the basis situation like we have heard so many times is. The owner was moving across the country to take a new job on and couldn’t bring the dog along. I’ve been bothered by this for quite some time.

Here is a cute little dog that does not cause trouble of any kind. But because of a new job, this poor little guy was going to be given up for adoption. How long has the owner had Oscar? 6 years….. I mean its not some little pet you got recently and was bad or didn’t get attach you. Thats like long life friends sort of time. I get it, it stough. But this owner was getting a new job with Microsoft or similar notoriety. I couldn’t believe it. I understand its a little far and that it could cost some money to transport Oscar. But to just give up on him like that was heartbreaking. Assuming that doing computer or IT work for Microsfot, you would for sure be making bankkkkkk. That the little extra cost to bring along this friend who has stuck by you your whole life. That Oscar life woul have to be upended. For all his loyalty he has given, it was not returned. And that is what Pet Loyal is about. That understand almost any and all circumstances. You be loyal to your pet. Why because they would do it for you.

Especially for reasons like these. A few hundred a one day flight to bring on sweet Oscar and live on the west coast. It couldn’t be accomplished. Oscar was secondary. Oscar was too much trouble. Oscar wasn’t worth $300. So come on people, lets be Pet Loyal.

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