The Most Tasty And Delicious No Real Beef Burger Ever?

The Most Tasty And Delicious No Real Beef Burger Ever?

My wife found this while just snooping around the interweb forums a few months ago. I have been oh so anxiously awaiting to get it. Its the most real beef, not beef you will ever eat in your life they say. YOU CAN’T EVEN TELL THE DIFFERENCE! That’s what they have been saying. Well they certainly hyped it up! Whatever the case maybe, if there is an alternative available. I will take it.



We finally visited a Whole Foods in Vienna, VA where they would carry it. Upscale area of Vienna and almost linking to Tysons Corner. I think with this sort of area and demographic, there are probably a good amount of vegetarians or vegans in the area. So we walked and walked and finally we saw it. Shining in all its glory (but no shine really), we found it. It was located right in the meat section of Whole Foods. Pretty amazing for a non meat product to show up in the meat aisle. That is a very big and bold statement to put it front and center where any other meat eater would pass by. Not some obscure corner with other “vegan” foods.

Brought it home and was super anxious to cook it. The feel and texture is almost like a real burger. I almost couldn’t tell that I was handling beef. Its a plant based burgers derived from peas. ┬áTime to throw it on the pan. Cooked it as the directions prescribed. One bite and boom, IMPRESSED! It is far better than any other vegan burger I had before. The texture and feel is there in your mouth. I would honestly ┬áhave to say it would give a real burger its run for the money along with the condiments and buns. Its something people can transition too. But the taste of real beef it can not comparably beat yet. I wish it did. But its progress and giving people options. If you want to be healthy, get protein, not kill animals, then Beyond Meat burger is the way to go!


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