Finally got to try the Impossible Burger!! HECK YEA! Can I eat a burger yes. Can I enjoy a good meal at the same restaurant as meat friends? Yes. A college friend of mine made a reply to one of my posts on Instagram that I needed to try the Impossible Burger. I’ve heard and seen the Impossible Burger a hundred times on social media and news. I knew it was being served but for some reason never bothered to try so hard to find it. Well, my friends, it was all around me. Its served at many restaurants in D.C. and Northern Virginia. I shouldn’t have been so lazy and actually try to find it. So I did.

I went to there website and just searched it. Its that easy. Glory Days Grill has made it available at basicall yall its Northern Virginia locations. So we went for the Falls Church location near us. My wife is always down to eat and try new things, so I thought this was my chance.

I ordered the burger from the water and he explained to me I understood its vegetarian. I’m like yes of course. And he actually said that many people order it thinking its just a regular burger. ITS THAT GOOD LOOKS AND TASTE wise. Once I took one bite into it I was convinced and hooked. It had the nice slightly crisp feel on the inside but a nice juicy texture on the inside. Add some lettuce, bread and tomato and you got yourself a sandwich. Its not different from enjoying any other meal. its not just oh a nice veggie burger and loaded with filler. It actually tastes really good! I’m just soo soo surpirsed they could make it such high quality. My wife tried it as well and gave two thumbs up.

I would say its just the same or slightly better than any regular fast food burger joint. You’re getting real ingredients and not just the 50 different ingredients injected and used to modify real burgers. Save your body and your soul. Now you can enjoy a meal and us vegetarians and vegans will shut up because you’re not doing any killing. No more lectures. Enjoy your burger and be quiet.

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