The Big “Plastic” Apple

My wife was in New York City on a trip to show her uncle and aunt who have never been before. I get a text from my wife saying she sees something I wouldn’t believe. I give her a call and she tells me a group of people are just throwing trash into the river. I thought it was some gum wrapper or a soda can. No it was bags and bags of trash. I coudln’t believe it. Bags of trash? And the ridiculously ironic thing is there is a TRASH CAN RIGHT NEAR THEM!!!! How unbelievable. The gall that these people have to just throw trash into the river. Where do they think it goes or what happens to it? Just disappears out of sight out of mind?

If you see how people treat there environment and surroundings like this, how do they deal with trash at home? do they just litter and throw trash all over their homes? Just let it rot and stink up your house. I certain they would not. Especially we do not live in a society where this is the normal thing to do. I hope to show this video and show ridiculous some people can be. My wife wanted to go grab a police officer to notify them of the littering. But she was unable to find someone. I told her not to say anything because she might get in a heated conversation since she was alone at the time while her uncle and aunt were in a shop.

Do they not think about the marine life this trash will impact?  Assholes.

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