Teenage Regular Non Ninja Turtle

Teenage Regular Non Ninja Turtle

What an interesting and amazing site. My wife while gardening and landscaping a couple months ago found this Box turtle in our bushes! It has been almost 2 decades since we have seen some random turtles. I have many many many fond memories of turtles in my life.

My father has always been one to save turtles. Odd to say now haha. Every time we randomly drive around through different highways or neighborhoods in Virginia. There would be painted turtles trying to cross roads. I don’t know how they get there or how they would actually cross and get over curbs. My father would pull over or stop in middle of road and run out to get them. We then go to a local pond and release them. I guess another chapter of my life leading me to love animals and appreciate them. One super special turtle my dad wanted to save didn’t get hit by 4-5 cars driving directly over it. We actually kept this turtle and put in our pond. Our whole family loved to see this turtle and cherish him/her. Swimming around and always wanting our attention. It was almost like a pet dog or cat.

Continuing on the original story. My wife found this turtle just walking around our front yard. My wife being the new super animal advocate as me wondered what to do. I knew it was best to bring back to water though I know they don’t need to be near it 24/7 or swimming. My wife told me to save him. AND STUPID ME. I was suppose to drop him/her off at the local creek only a few blocks down. I didn’t. I was sure he would have been dead.

A few weeks later. I was pulling out the trash can and recycling bin from the side of the house. HE OR SHE WAS THERE! How did it survive for so long just near our house. I’m assuming unless they went swimming somewhere and came back. This time I did the right thing and took it to the creek. But it didn’t even care to go and just speed off again haha. Oh the irony. Good luck to you!

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