The Climb In Life

For the past month, I’ve really had time to start sitting and reflect on things. Bathroom remodel is done, organizing the whole house is done, cleaning the whole house done, getting the yard to look nice is done. But a more pressing matter is coming my way. One that will flip my world upside down and cause it crash into a brick wall. But that crash will happen with a smile.

My sweet boy will be arriving in a couple months. This future I have been trying to shape for myself and animals out there will now be shared with the arrival of my son, Henry. I’m happy, nervous, agitated, stressed, elated all at the same time. I can’t wait for him to come. But like how I devote my time now to make my wife happy. My full attention and time will be for my son. Its just life. Time is always managed and too short. And now my time for the cause is even shorter. I will probably be incoherent, pale, and exhausted for the six months after his birth.

I think about my progress and what I have done. I try things here and there. I learned that I can’t go full steam all the time and I burn out. Progress is made little by little. Which I have done but maybe I’m disappointed in myself since I don’t have much to show for it. My life and my wife’s have changed significantly for the better with the drastic low amount of meat we eat and any animal products we buy from respected companies. But my point in all this was to make a difference outside of my own world. And even though its really hard, I know it will be nearly impossible to keep pushing after a child. I have to love my family and make sure everything is provided in the best way possible for them. They are my #1 concern and nothing else. But it begs me to think where does that leave the animals. They will continue to suffer everyday by the millions. One soldier is temporarily leaving the battle.

It makes me think about Congressmen Connolly making a speech to environmental advocates saying they need to be more proactive and ruthless. That to get the message out there, it needs to be out like the old days and having to walk door to door and talk to people. And I think who has time for that? And the average person who cares about animals or environment doesn’t come from a background of bravado to make impact. Wheres the money or backing to do so? My letters have gone unnoticed and I start to think whether to keep writing. Is anybody hearing my message? Is anybody making a change? Is anybody thinking about it all. This is just a mental break and I hope to keep this going. The fight still needs to continue.

I started My Dear Layla with a vision and promise. I’m still keeping that promise.  the vision and passion is still strong and alive.

Adopt Definitely Do Not Shop

I was every surprised to past by a local Petco the other day and stumble upon this sign upon the front entrance. Nice big and seen by everyone who wants to come in. “Think Adoption First” a simple yet powerful message to the community about pets. Adoption is often seen as a taboo to do since another dog is not a “pure breed” and can come with “many dysfunctional traits”. In the end, yes these dogs may a little tougher to love at first. But in the end, they are lovable loyal dogs like all the others.

Who knows what upbringing these dogs may have had or time in the shelter that could cause behavioral issues. The message is clear to think about adoption. No need to go into the who what where and why. For a big company to stand behind the adoption pledge in a public fashion is fantastic. I couldn’t be ever more happy they would do so. We are not anti-pet or anti-business, the movement is about anti-cruelty and anti-suffering.

Letter To My Congressman

They say if you ever want to change something or start in politics. First thing to do is write to your Congressman. If you have concerns, write to your Congressman. Its something thats been instituted since 8th Grade Civics class. Back then, it was representative Tom Davis. And now it is Gerry Connolly. So, lets start, lets get some action. Lets write to my Congressman. I’m sure its not something on the top of his to do list. But hey its an issue that needs to be known. And I’m very fortunate that I have someone who cares. First off, just want him to know he has my support.

Dear Congressman Connolly,

As my Congressman; I believe you are the voice for our biggest concerns and issues in our community. As a lifelong resident of District 11th, I am writing to you in support of your longstanding conviction to the welfare of animals. Animal welfare is of utmost concern to myself and for my district, state, and country.

I praise your valiant efforts in policy making and public outreach for animal welfare. I urge you to continue to support and advocate any legislation which benefits animals. Animals such as our beloved pets need help by stopping puppy mills and businesses that continue support it. Animals such as livestock in factory farming practices that are subjected to immense cruelty and unnecessary pain. Animals such as our district wildlife that are loss through habitat destruction and environmental degradation.

Thank you for your time and supporting these issues. I wish you the very best.



New Restaurant Review

After the long wait, I was able to finally try out Lotus Vegetarian restaurant in Chantilly, VA. It is a restaurant in a big plaza in Chantilly next to some big stores like Lowes and Petsmart. Easy to access and in a main part of the city on Route 50. My wife told me about this place quite a few months ago. Her best friend and her mother used to love to come and eat here. The menu had a large number of offerings so I was quite excited.

We had a number of vegetable and tofu dishes. But what stood out the most was the fried eggplant. It was to die for! It was crisp and perfectly flavored. Unfortunately, my mother in law order a lot of dishes already so I didn’t get a chance to order some of the protein dishes. They have lots of different type of dishes offered for any sort of vegetarian. But the fact it is an asian cuisine style place which obviously makes my taste buds happy. I will definitely be coming here again. Vegetarian dishes are known for being bland and tasteless. I can’t argue, its hard to get the good flavors without making it unhealthy. But Lotus Vegetarian does a great job of making the food healthy, plentiful, and delicioius. 5 stars from me!


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Local Political Animal Lover

My very own congressman is an animal lover. GREAT NEWS!!!! One way to influence policy as a citizen is to contact your local congressman. Its something you learned in 8th grade civics. Have an issue, write your congressman, they are there to serve you. They will listen. I think back in my day it was Tom Davis.

But for quite awhile now, the congressman for my district is, Gerry Connolly. I saw on a recent facebook post by the Humane Society of Fairfax County that Congressman Connolly invited the Humane Society out for his Federal health benefits workshop. Any press is good press for somebody who is an animal lover. I’m a proud supporter of him and voted him in the last and previous elections. He’s so good that he ran unopposed.

Definitely going to keep him in mind and write him when I get my ideas going. Hopefully I can speak my mind through him for our state political policy. Go Annandale, go Fairfax County, go Virginia!