Badge of Honor

I was pleasantly surprised to receive some mail from Mercy For Animals in the mail today. I put it right on my Macbook where I can see it everyday and be reminded of what causes I’m fighting for. However big or small, it is change and any change is better than none at all. I think about how much meat I ate before. Nearly half a chicken for one meal to get the protein for a weight lifting day. A buffet of Korean BBQ on the weekends to enjoy and relax. How many countless animals did I stop to get killed because of my habits. It makes me happy even if one animal is saved.

The provided a bunch of other wonderful materials for anyone who is new to the cause or lifestyle. Websites that can provide a wealth of information. Though I wish they would save the paper for the environment and use the stamp money to pay their animal welfare investigators.

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Mercy for Animals

Mercy for Animals is an organization that my wife discovered quite a few months ago. We been getting emails or see feeds on our facebook page about what they do and what their goal is. I personally love them. They are trying to shed light on a situation that is hidden from us. Its an issue of animal cruelty but due human ignorance do not wish to truly see. MFA fights hard to not let what is truly happening stay in the back of the room. They give voice to a great cause. They have a clear and strong message that should resonate with everyone.

They do not promote some anti-vegan/vegan agenda or go to overboard like some think with PETA. It is a basic necessity to all life that everyone should understand. That revolves around suffering and cruelty. They should just not die in such inhumane ways, surely we can all rally together for that? To have a pig testicles ripped off, chickens beaks cut, or cows stabbed with no reason. Can anybody really say that is fine with me? And if so why. Why is not an animal allowed to die without pain at least.

I honestly have to click out or not read many posts or articles. It is truly hurtful to see, but it needs to be seen by the public. We need to realize what we are doing and change our was. I love this organization and the people the ground fighting everyday to expose it. The key is awareness and they want to bring it from the depths so where we can see the truth. I donated some money to them and shared on my Facebook page. That is what little and least I can do. I hope to keep fighting for all animals.