Persistence But Respect Is Key

I haven’t heard from or received an email back from Congressman Connolly yet. I emailed him over a month ago. The last letter it took only two weeks from him to reply. I’m sure he has a vast of amount of duties and urgent matters to attend too. I decided to send my second letter again to each of his offices. Maybe his staff might open it up and remind him. I would like a response to my deeper questioning of the matter when it comes to advocating for animal rights and local ordinances.

It reminds me of Shawshank Redemption where Andy Dufrain keeps emailing letters to the county/state, I dont remember, about getting funds for library at the prison. Every single week he writes and sends letters. Every week no reply and rejections. But after a very long time, he gets a response and some money to just shut him up. Maybe I dont want to be that annoying, but I do want Connolly to know I’m not some fluke. I’m not some pushover who thinks this is a meaningless issue. It needs attention and needs it badly. Letters will be sent and he will be reminded that I think this is serious and won’t stop.

Which reminds me, I’m still learning the in and outs of politics and a whose who. But there is a delegate of the 38th district which is where my home resides. Perhaps I fine tune my local initiative into even more local. Time for her to receive some letters too. Time for Delegate of 38th District, Kaye Kory, to meet me.

Mass Extinction In Our Hands

CNN came out with a report by the World Wildlife Fund that we are on the brink of the 6th mass extinction. I thought that it was a simple opinion piece about humans and what damaged we have caused. But there are certain facts and figures that are concrete to lead to this statement. By 2020, nearly 3/4’s of the worlds species will be gone. I wrote in my About Me page what i thought about life in general and previous extinctions and how valuable life was. And now I’m alive in a time to tell about the next one.

The world was always pictured as so vast and unconquerable. No way could man deplete all of its resources and destroy the wildlife. But in such a short amount of time relative to the existence of humans have we been able to expand and consume so much. The world is at our fingertips to exploit and nearly command for our use. There is no free land undiscovered out there, there is no area that man has no left its imprint. We take what we want and what we need. And we want a LOT.

The amount of food we consume and resources we need makes it affect all over the world. For any thing we build or cow we eat, it causes someone 1000 miles away to destroy their environment. It is a bad game with a huge disconnect. We can not see or feel the impact of our decisions. We buy and use things without understanding all the implications. Though times are changing and people become more educated, are we fast enough?

Trees are cleared for timber and forests for farmland. The seas are wound in miles long nets for fish. Even the Dakota Access Pipeline in the US adheres to the need for energy consumption. Water and even moral rights are abused. This just makes me think what is important to people. We are happy with our phones and fancy cars while the world crumbles around us. And the poor give into the production of our needs because they just need something to eat. It is a very bad combination.

It goes back to the Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton election and what people yearn for. How can you get somebody to care for the environment and animals when they can’t feed their families or roofs over their heads. What is going to take precedent? My life or some animal. Things take priority and environment and animal life take a back seat. I honestly can not blame them. I sit here with all the time and things in the world so I’m able to sit here and write this article.

It is sad sad thing to hear. Whether it rings true or not, we are at a time in our world where everything seems to be at the cusp of destruction and no return. One argument states that mass extinctions may occur in a 100 years but the next 20 years are what may cause it. I mean what kind of argument is that? The point is our path and direction is no where near where it should be to help the environment. A flash of time in 20 years is not going to convince me it is not an issue. Our choices and rapid ascension to human progress will result the downfall of the earth. Who knew it such a short time we could be the new asteroid on earth.

But we need to chug along and make decisions in our everyday lives to help and hope for the best since that is all we can do. All 7 billion humans need to come step up and make a difference. It starts with every one of us. #alllifematters

Where Humanity Stands

“Looking at the bigger picture, we have to ask ourselves where humanity is and where are we standing, and how much more can we abuse nature. I think hunting is just a symbol for a bigger process that’s going on.”
By Ulrich Seidl

A new documentary has come out about safari hunting. Though it is probably too heart breaking to watch myself. I hope others can watch and see that is not right.

This is one of the bigger issues that seems to plague my mind and its reasoning. Its not just hunting and killing animals, but this is a special kind of sadness and very disturbing. Hunting is no longer around because obviously we raise and kill livestock to feed today. Not that I believe it is a more humane way of doing things. And many hunters in the USA kill local deer and animals maybe for sport, but use all the meat and other parts as not to go to waste.

But what makes safari hunting special is people going out of their way and spending a high sum of money to go out and kill exotic animals. They have to travel a far distance to kill. They do not personally use the meat or animal products themselves for use. There is no reasoning and logic. It is a backwards thinking to say that they hunt because they love. To save the animal you must kill them. Older and sick species can be killed off because it harms the herd. The money used for hunting goes back to the community. If they do not hunt, there is not reason to protect the animals. Its a vicious circle of reasoning.

Is it to say, if I do not buy illegal drugs, the poor family who makes the drugs do not have food to eat? If I don’t buy clothes from a company that uses child workers, I won’t employ people? And then taxes paid by the company to help the country, so the country falls? It is reasoning that leads to somewhere that is wrong. If they love the animals or want to help, they could have just donated the money. Or do they have to receive some benefit out of it, which is the hunt.

I think the quote by Ulrich Siedl says its best. While there might not be a legitimate reason, it is a implication for something bigger that is immorally conflicting with people. It is a epitome of human’s relation to nature and the animal world. What are we doing and why? Whats the point of this senseless killing? They kind not even find a legitimate reason to defend what they are doing. They do these horrific actions under the guise of helping? Disgusting. These animals can not defend themselves again high powered weapons. What thrill do you get. If you take a knife against a lion, I might give you the OK. That makes a real thrill and real honor that you can conquer.


There Is No Line

A big debate is often discussed what is OK to eat and not OK to eat. Where do people’s values lie in what animals? How did they come about those values? Did society play a role? What values are inherent to human nature or a learned behavior. There often is a question of “Where do you draw the line?”

In the God Ole USA, we eat chickens, cows, and pigs. Those are the three main animals we eat and consume on massive scales. You can find it anywhere and get it cheap. It is OK to eat in our society and accepted by nearly everyone. Lets go across the map for a bit. In China, the notion is they eat dogs. Actually its true, its not everywhere but they do. In India, they do not eat cows because they are revered as a God. In some places, they like to eat bugs, while we here in America do not. In Japan, there is a small place where they do yearly dolphin hunting. Approximately 1,250 dolphins are killed during this tradition. In Spain, matadors kill bulls for culture or entertainment, how you look at it. In some places in Africa, tribal villages can still eat bush meat of other primates.

So how is it, that its OK to eat some animals here, its not OK in other cultures there. While some have animals as pets, while others eat it. While some can kill animals for culture. Where is the line? Who is right, who is wrong. How can you tell me not too eat a dog, when you kill millions of cows? Am I advocating to eat dogs and cats. Most certainly not. My point is, there is no one to really blame, there is no one you can point fingers at. We are all just as guilty for whatever meat consumption we do.

There are many ways as you can see for why we eat certain meat and not others. Some it is just engrained in our society, some its our traditions, some its our value on animals, and a big one is the intelligence. My logic, it is all or nothing. It is all life and all fair game or it is not. There is no line to draw, there is no line to say this is OK and this is not. There is no way to argue or justify why it is OK for animal to die and not another. All life is valuable and that is why #alllifematters. My point of view is the intrinsic value that every living thing has its own value and should be cherished for being so. My goes down to a deeper and more philosophical reasoning. Not measured by culture or tradition or any other sort of illogical reasoning.

Who are we to judge on what life is more valuable than another for whatever reason. Whether it is valuable to us, or it is cute, or it is smart, or it taste good. They are all valuable and in that conclusion meat eating, it is no animal that can be deemed OK to eat.

There are a billion arguments on why it is OK and reasons for what we do. It goes back to me sitting and thinking about my own parents and what they have been through. They went through the Killing Fields of the late 1970’s by the Khmer Rouge. Nearly 1.5 million Cambodians lost their lives. My mother lost her parents and 8 siblings, my father lost his sister. Everyone was affected. Everyone lost somebody close to them. Why and how this happen is unfathomable.


IMG_3788***The above photo is the area where my pregnant aunt (Dad’s sister) was killed, amazing to see how a pristine meadow leaves no trace of horrors from before****

Who got to live and who didn’t was also explained with reasoning. They were also deemed with only a certain value. Even as backwards as it is, knowledge was the enemy. Someone who was educated was killed. Someone who played music or in the arts was killed. Someone who was a doctor was killed. Someone who wore glasses or had soft hands to show they didn’t work as farmer was killed. The judgement and reasons for such atrocious events were given to only a handful of people. It was carried out by an army and they all listened. Even though it should defy logic, they still did it. It makes me think, every single one of those Cambodians who died were valuable. They were valuable to someone. They made someone laugh or cry. I’m sure there aren’t any we could say is a life not worth to live. I wish I could meet all my uncles, aunts, grandparents, cousins, family friends and share a dinner or have a talk. But that’s not the case because someone drew a line and said their life is not worth it.

Just like its OK for us to pet our dogs but eat cows. But someone else in the world it is OK to pet cows and eat dogs. There is no correct way to reason it all as a whole. Just like how it is illogical for the Khmer Rouge or any other sadistic dictator like Hitler, Stalin, Enver, Mussolini to carry out the acts they did. Even now in today’s times because we value someone lower based on intelligence, race, or color. We put into a perception on what value they are. Is because someone is ill, disabled, a certain race, mentally unstable, give no less or no value to their life? No it does not, so it should not be the same for animals. They all provide their own value. So that is why we should get rid of the line, get rid of the boundaries, give rid of the reasons. All life is valuable, don’t eat meat. #allifematters

Simple Question

Format Image


If you love them, why do you eat them? Its a really simple but yet deeper question. It hit me hard because you can’t really find a good answer for it. If you love them, why do you eat them? I mean why do you. It goes back to show how inherent eating is and just a mindless habit. I like to keep stating I do not blame people for eating meat. I just want them to think about it and understand the other side and make a decision. It is all too easy to write it off. Take anything in life where love comes into play yet you do something negative routinely and without thought. I do love animals and do not eat them. Its that simple to do and understand but very complex to why people don’t can’t understand the reasoning to it. #alllifematters

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