Adopt Definitely Do Not Shop

I was every surprised to past by a local Petco the other day and stumble upon this sign upon the front entrance. Nice big and seen by everyone who wants to come in. “Think Adoption First” a simple yet powerful message to the community about pets. Adoption is often seen as a taboo to do since another dog is not a “pure breed” and can come with “many dysfunctional traits”. In the end, yes these dogs may a little tougher to love at first. But in the end, they are lovable loyal dogs like all the others.

Who knows what upbringing these dogs may have had or time in the shelter that could cause behavioral issues. The message is clear to think about adoption. No need to go into the who what where and why. For a big company to stand behind the adoption pledge in a public fashion is fantastic. I couldn’t be ever more happy they would do so. We are not anti-pet or anti-business, the movement is about anti-cruelty and anti-suffering.