I went to Subway just this morning had to write this story. I ordered the typical veggie delight sandwich with no cheese. They think its odd that I don’t half the time. And I don’t have it toasted either, that was because I wanted the melted cheese. But anyways, a older, kind Korean lady was making my sandwich. At the register, she asked “are you vegetarian?” As I grow more confident in my vegetarian/veganess and smiling and happy to talk about it. I replied with confidence, “yes I am, for 3 years now”. She had a slightly surprised reaction. And that was coupled with a (you asians would know this), simple nod and grunt of acknowledgment.

What made me want to write the post this morning is I realize the impact you can make by just being you. I’m watching tons of videos and posts on instagram of vegan fighters talking to people and being extremely passionate about the cause. But you can still make a difference in everyday life by just being you. I think in asian culture its even more profound to be a man and eat meat. Yu’re considered a little weak and outsider to not want to eat a lot. So by me being asian and not eating meat and happily doing it. Who knows, making a good impression on this person, she may mention it to someone or think differently about vegetarianism itself. That she sort of saw her big meat eating ways in me and I might have hit one little switch in her brain.

Thats all it takes, one little pop of the mind to open a small door up into a new world. So by being me and happy to say what I am, i’m a billboard in itself that doesn’t scream or shout. Now to get the “vegan for the animals” bump sticker!

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