Just a week ago, I was filled with courage and gusto. Get out there, make change. Save the dogs. I thought I could bring up some energy of the past and do the grind work needed. Always think of the canvasses or a political campaign who bring awareness person by person. I thought to do the same.

I walked around Ballston on my way to work the day after I got the tags. I saw some two people with dogs and thought heres my chance. But I didn’t feel it. I backed off. They looked unhappy and no expressions on their face. They were zombies. Just walking their dog in the morning like a chore for their parents. I moved on. Lets try another day.

Then another way passed by. Back to Ballston for work, no dogs in the morning. But I’m sure to hit some dog owners in the afternoon. It was a nice day, suns shining. Some people will want to hear my message after getting out of work. I say a nice lady walking her dog. I thought here’s my chance just do it. She seems friendly, she seems to be having a good day. The dogs and cats need me. I walked up to her and in an instant I know this wasn’t going to work. It was some prejudice look that I couldn’t get past or do. I tried to talk to her about my cause and she was kind. She asked about the website, said she would take a look at it, sorry she didn’t have a $1 to donate, etc. I felt like a guy going up to a random girl at the bar and asking to buy her a drink or go on a date. Knew in her mind she wouldn’t partake. I don’t know if its my smile, my face, or my message that didn’t go through. But I knew she just didn’t have the time for me. I thought my message was clear and with her dog with her that it could hit home. I checked my goggle analytics and saw nothing from the Arlington, VA or anywhere for that day or next.

I felt like some canvass guy asking about money for some cause that people don’t know or care about. No matter the smile, the energy, the message, I wouldn’t get through. I was saddened by that but knew that prejudice would stick with me for every counter. It was time to switch directions.

I decided to hit up the forums, the masses of the internet. It was a strategy I didn’t intend to do. But maybe I might hit the masses. I posted on craigslist pets section and free, I did reddit, and I hit my friends. Lets start somewhere easy and somewhere basic. Ive had some glowing feedback and support from people. I even got a $10 donation from the CEO of a company. She was very enthusiastic and wanting to pass out tags. My friends are also happy to help. I have to say its a great feeling and even though one strategy didn’t work or didn’t see to go through, you keep moving. Because yes the dogs and cats out there need my help. And one roadblock can’t stop me.

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