Social Media Cruelty

Social Media Cruelty

Every hour I’m basically trolling social media and its random facts, news, and comedy. It was a random post on a rather popular Instagram page like World star. I can’t remember the name. Upwards of 1 million followers. So when a post is made there is quite a big of viewers. There was one joke about about vegans. Again I can’t remember, but it was making fun of the situation and mocking us and I think a burger. Ok bad start to the story. But its not the point. I’m actually rather surprised they would give such attention to its 1 million followers about a vegan of all things in the world.

What was really surprising and I realize I continue to see throughout social media pages about vegetarian and veganism is the cruelty, anger and ignorance to the situation. Of course there were a few animal loving sympathizers who revolted or show disappointment of the post. Rather it is mocking the death of an animal, is that needed? It brings me back to reality that we are a world in need of change still. The vegan-er that made a post saying something like “People eat animals are evil”.

Oh the meat eaters had something some rather staunch replies. Bashing and mocking comments were in full force. People come up with 10000 reasons why it is the way it is. We need meat, animals taste good, its unhealthy not to eat meat, go eat grass, etc etc. You name it, the typical thoughts were people haven’t taken time to think about the whole situation. That is society, that is our world thinks right now.  In the end, can you blame them? Its just a door that haven’t opened and walked through yet.

As much as I want to bash, complain, argue and fight back. Its not going to accomplish anything. When have you ever been able to change anybodys mind by yelling or making somebody feel bad? Probably never. Nobody is receptive to that style. And when you think about anybody has made great society changes against the grain like Ghandi, Rosa Parks, or Martin Luther King, all of it was made through non violence. You don’t see any anger or attacking in their rhetoric. It is all just love and compassion. Thats the only way to hopefully open people’s eyes on the situation. We need to see through their mind and what it might help them see. And helping them see might take different style or tactics for each one. But certainly not making people feel bad they eat meat or aren’t aware of the facts. So I bite my tongue to prove these people wrong. And maybe they won’t listen now but hopefully another time the same facts might resonate.

Why am I vegan? Its because its EVIL to eat meat. No a more simple and easier to understand message to share: “I love dogs just like you, except I love all other animals as well”. Now that isn’t hard to understand or mean.

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