I was on Snapchat a couple of weeks ago. Well I’m on it basically everyday and checking every hour. I’m a social media generation sorry. I follow an internet sensation guy named Dan Bilzerian  on his Snapchat stories. He’s best known for his extravagant and wild lifestyle with gambling, partying and women. He’s living life to the max and sure as hell enjoying it from his social media. Why do i follow him you ask? Don’t know, just do see his crazy lifestyle. And my wife says its OK. Don’t worry.

But he is quite a buff and muscular guy who works out quite often. He’s just plain jacked and would whoop most peoples asses. That is probably why the girls love him. And he made a literal snap story about people asking him about his fitness and recommendations. Aside the typical, get some sleep, eat well, being active. He mentioned one thing that people may have missed or completely disregarded as anything of major importance. He said he stays away from dairy and his only exception is pizza because well “pizza is fuckin awesome”. In his own words, to stay away from dairy products.

Mr. Bilzerian has nearly 13 million Facebook followers and 24 million followers on his Instagram. That is quite a wide network and fan following. So you can only guess and imagine easily that his followers on Snapchat are in the millions. You might ask what is the point of this? What does this showman or character have to do with veganism? Quite frankly, he doesn’t have to do anything with veganism. Whatever his reasoning, whether its for environment, the animals or health (though I think its for health). He said don’t eat it.

The message that animal lovers and vegans are praising and preaching everyday is to stay away from dairy and animal products. How many people hear each of our voice? How many people even care what we say? In one Snapchat, he reached millions of people with the message to not eat dairy. Whether you hate him or like him, he probably just helped save the lives of thousands of animals unintentionally. He was just talking about his diet and how he stays fit. That what his simple message. But fans of his want to be him, they want to get girls, they want to be rich , they want to jacked and ripped and live the multi-million dollar lifestyle. People envy and want to do what he does. If giving up dairy helps me get muscular and get girls, then that is a good deal to me. That simple. You get even 10% who somewhat adhere to the non dairy lifestyle, it will be a couple million who will try to cut out milk or opt not to eat cheese. They might do it for a meal or day or get serious to get girls so will cut it out completely.

So I would like to thank Mr. Bilzerian for saving the lives of million of animals even if he did not intend to do so.

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