Traveling to Cambodia and think you can’t be vegan? Think again. Cambodia often known as a backpackers destination with quality hard to find far and wide. Living a vegan or vegetarian lifestyle makes it even more difficult when you travel. Vibe Cafe gives everything and anything you could need as a vegan with great quality and value. Be all the way across the world but feel right at home.

Fitting right in with Cambodia culture that emphasises a good mind and body. They only get quality ingredients from consciously sourced places. Everything is ethical and by dining here you can even contribute back to local community since Vibe Cafe donates 10% of earnings. Feel good about where you’re eating and contributing to the Cambodian people at the same time. It touches me as a Cambodian American where locals and travelers alike can enjoy health conscious cuisine. They help teach locals about the sustainable and environmental benefits to a vegan lifestyle which would only help Cambodia’s long term future.

Trek the glorious Angkor temples in Siem Reap or explore the vibrant Phnom Penh city on a clean and energizing meal. The menu is quite extensive and offers a wide variety of delectable entrees. Offering a selection that anyone could enjoy a meal too.

The reviews speak for themselves. On TripAdvisor, a few visitors wrote:

  • “The first time in a long time I have been overwhelmed with a deliciously good looking menu. I want to live next door!! Their food is just incredible and you’ll be doing yourself a whole lot of favours by eating here 👌🏻”
  • “This place is fantastic. The food is fresh and delicious. The aesthetic is super chilled out and they really know who they are.”
  • “Vibe cafe has a healthy, imaginative, and fully vegan menu. The food is delicious, the service is friendly and the vibes are truly wonderful! Don’t miss out on their refined sugar free, but totally decadent, desserts”

Make sure to stop by and make a vegan lifestyle a staple in Cambodia!

Visit them here:

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