Reality Check

I always push myself to work hard. I think the more work, the more I can get done. Time is so limited between house chores, bills, family duties, etc. I want to save the animals and I want to make a difference. Take the little time you have and make it longer by staying up late and pushing yourself. Even if you are tired, gather that energy and keep going. The animals dying and suffering don’t have time for you to wait.

I got sick, I wasn’t taking care of myself as well as I should. Who cares. I can keep going. I can fight this little cold, doesn’t bother me. So what. Just keep working, write to people, continue to do research. I’ll get better later. Takes time.

Until my son got sick. Then it changed everything. I was selfish to think my sickness would only effect me. Until it hit Henry. He couldn’t breathe, he was being a trooper to be strong and not fuss. His nostrils were full of mucus. He was coughing every hour. And then it all hit me to slow down. My wife is up every hour of every day to take care of him. Shes already suffering dearly but needs to stay up too to make sure he’s ok. Have to let him breathe, have to make sure he’s ok. Always sucking the snot out of his nose and letting him be next to mist of hot showers to clear it up. No medicine, always worry. Then I end up getting my wife sick.

Nothing else matters in the world when my child is not well. He looks at me asking what is going on and I can’t do a single thing. Brought me down to earth and what my priorities should be. How can I help others when my own home is not well.

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