Positive News Blast

Every once in awhile you get some news about animals, environment, or green something. Recently, there has been much more news and positive about our animal world and the environment around us. Who knows what triggered it. Maybe its all the climate change talk facing the world. More protests. The daily news reader might pay more interest to these articles. Whether it be. This past month, there is a great amount of it. I’m happy to see it. Lets get started.

  1. This hits home the most for me. Cambodian bans elephant riding in early 2020. Never would I think I see this day. Back in 2011, I visited Cambodia for the first time with my family and seeing the magnificent Angkor temples. I saw up close and personal the elephants lugging up people up and down the mountain. I was against it and wanted to cry inside. I knew it wasn’t right. But 9 years later, we get the best news ever. Elephants aren’t our slaves to use everyday as transportation. They want to be happy and free. A great ending story.

2) Largest Dairy Milk Producer in America Dean Foods Files for Bankruptcy. Why is that big news? Its just milk right. Cows don’t suffer right. It might be worse. The life they live to get impregnanted and their young taken away. Only to reproduce the cycle over and over and then just be slaughtered in the end anyway. I rather die that be tortured on the daily. Whats a life of torture of living in harshest conditions to just produce milk for us to drink. Something we don’t even need. So many other milk alternatives that are just as good tasting and good for you. Cows milk is for cows. Stop drinking that shit. You don’t need it.

3. Koalas being saved by Australian grandmother. Populations ravaged by wildfires. As much as this a feel good story, it is juxtaposed by the greater story. These bush fires have caused great devastation to their populations. I’m happy to hear locals willing to risk harm to save them. With more news exposure, it brings light to the issue of the species. I hope the community and government make more effort to save them! The injured koalas show so much pain and hurt that is so evident by looking at them. How can anybody think animals have no value or pain or emotion. Just take one look and it changes everything.

4. German circus show uses stunning hologram animals to end animal abuse. Around the world, people have heard the call to end the horrific practice of animals in shows. From the famous Barnum and Bailey ending elephants to Sea World no longer having orcas. It takes our choices and money to end it. We do have the power. And one big feel good story I just found right now, Denmark government buys last four animals to send them to retirement. Wow just wow!