Plastic Ceiling

My mother invited my wife and I over for some cambodian noodle soup she was cooking. It is a favorite of everybodys and brings back memories of childhood. I try to eat as little meat as possible. I don’t add any meat to it, I don’t take the ox tail from the broth. Given the broth is meat. I just come to eat, simple as that, My message is minimizing the killing.

As always, there are barriers and truths to this lifestyle and choice. Barrier being my mother to be a real vegetarian but have to eat her soup which she made from her heart and care. The truth also is I want to make my mother happy. And she knew I used to love eating ox tails or meat in my soup. I will admit, I love it, it tastes good. But Its not worth it to me. But what is worth it to me is to make my mom smile and just eat her food even though she knows I’m vegetarian. Its not out of hate to want me to eat meat. But its just a past time and something we all can enjoy. And it has come up multiple times in my life.

It goes back to show how important food is and how it ties people together. Whats the price to make my mom smile these days. Its a big price, I’ll do a lot for it. I’m sorry cow for doing so. I hope you understand.

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