My mission to define and set a statement about pets and man’s relation to it continues. I’m constantly research the who, what, and why’s for my arguments and what we need to do to help save animals. This is happening on two fronts by one educating potential buyers of pets but also helping people keep their pets. The best to do is go and research everything and then narrow down the finer points. I had quite a few pages of information and was able to fine tune the important things. Sometimes its great to know for a person to know to research a breeder is important. While to know that a reputable breeder only breeds a few kinds is something that might not resonate with most people to be aware of.

The message even though powerful, needs to be strong in its simplicity. This is a new way for people to look at themselves, how they view animals, and their values. You make it too complicate and the real message gets lost or taken the wrong way. I experienced my first “petlash” , my little pun, for a backlash with pets two weeks ago. I was on a dog loving website where someone was trying to provide information oh how to buy an animal from an ethical background. It was an aim to stop puppy mills. What I always like to do is read the comments section and see the reactions. So whats out there, people’s views, and how to improve on my message and the public.

What I was surprised to read was everyone battling the article. A reputable breeder will allow you to see their dogs in the setting and environment they are raised in. To make sure the parents of the pups are ok and the person raises them in a comfortable place. Or that a dog should be a part of an organization or great relationship with veterinarians for shots. There were individuals were were attacking the article and other readers. They were making arguments that it is completely dangerous to welcome potential buyers to your home or the writer was against all breeders? Or that reputable breeders are so expensive and its unfair to interview buyers. I was just taken aback that people would do this. The article and its desired readers are only trying to help. These methods are just trying to inform a potential buyer on what to do to be aware and safe for themselves and a possible pet.

But they were against nearly all the points and were met with such anger. Why was it such a battle to be safe for buying a puppy. Is it bad to try to find ways to not support puppy mills? It was a real awakening that people can view things much differently and no matter how clear it is to me, its not for everyone. And yes I need to try to hit everyone, a message where there is no argument. There is no battle or differences to fight to help animals. WHy would people fight one another when we all want to help and have a common goal. People don’t see the bigger picture and that can be dangerous. Lets all get on the same side and fight for our beloved animal friends.

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