The time of reckoning has finally FINALLY FINALLY fallen on Petland of Fairfax, VA. It has SHUTDOWN everyone! A great success and just heartening news to hear for myself, animal lovers and pets everywhere. I’d like to take an open discussion on the matter of what has happened.

To sum up, it took a full undercover investigation by Humane Society and loyal animal lover to spearhead this case. It is unbelievable to me it took so much effort and dire revelations in order for this place to close down. Yes I am happy, Yes I am ecstatic, yes I’m in disbelief but I’m also just furious at what it takes to get these places shut down even after many horrors of the practice.  Bunnies who died for improper care and left in the freezer. A confession by staff knowing that they can not properly care for the animals or identify when they are sick. ABSOLUTELY HORRID!

I’ll leave the full details of what happened linked here below:

It is crazy to think that it took this long, this much effort, and this many moral violations of these animals to shut down. And only after a entirely thorough investigation revealing such heinous acts. Any place that reviews companies and business show that Petland is terrible. Yelp has an extraordinary amount of negative reviews. There has been protests in the past about these kind of Pet Stores in Fairfax County. Negative articles have shown the puppy mill breeders. Yet they never close. Profits before animals. And an unsettling reality is that informing the public and bringing awareness on such a large scale so that people no longer buy these animals is daunting. It appears it can not be done by regular citizens of the community like myself.

You would think with such grand efforts you can win a cause. But it took a million dollar non profit to properly take down Petland. I’m not speaking like this for anyone to give up or that I will not continue trying. But it shows that we must be more vigilant and creative in our efforts. I started Pet Loyal Project as a smaller and indirect way for people to be aware. While keeping pets means those people won’t buy any more from places like this and the project brings awareness to others about where they get their animals.

It saddens me and strikes me with grim reality on what is needed to make change. That my efforts while balancing work, family, life, friends, emergencies is not enough. I never do this to feel good about myself. I do this to make change and hopefully put a stop to Puppy mills and the deaths of millions of animals. That ultimately the only way to stop them is to force law and a change. I need to go back to my ground roots of campaigning and pushing those who govern our communities and state. They need to step up and fight for animals. I need to show them this is something that Virginian’s care about. Time for some good letter writing.


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