I don’t really make as much productive updates or efforts as I would like. Things time take as I’ve learned. You got to be patient. But we’re making progress people! My tag samples were finally printed the other day. I finally got a first look. And I must say I love them! I know dogs, cats,  birds, hamsters and all sorts of other animals are dying everyday. I try to block out and not stress when things take a little while than usual. It irks me but I can’t fight what I can’t control.

But help is on the way. I’m on the way. Awareness is on the way. Pets wearing the tag are on the way. Pet owners who believe the message are on the way. I don’t have a doubt that some good can come out of this. I think if one animal is saved by an owner not buying from a mill or deciding not to give up their pet by being understanding. All my work and effort would have been worth it. But whether I save one or thousand, that’s not the end or my goal. My goal is to save them all. I want zero animals euthanized. No animal will be given up recklessly, any animal that is going through the shelter system will be adopted. Some may think zero is attainable? I say, why not? What is 100% going to stop me from reaching that goal. I think i can strive for it and work for it. I think its possible in time however long that takes.

I need to garner my strength, my energy, my fight, my love for the animals and this cause. I will go to pet owners and share the message. There’s no reason to be shy. There’s no reason to cower the fact I don’t want life to die so carelessly. I will go up and speak. I will spread my message. I will save pets. I will convince others.


I sit at home thinking eating breakfast with my wife and son. I want a better world for him. He already has a love for our two dogs. He’s amazed and smiles at them. Henry is so new to this world but know that animals can bring joy and love. What more proof than that to know our connection with our environment and furry friends. We sit in our breakfast table on weekend mornings and watch the birds eat at our bird feeder. Dozens come in and out. It just amazes me how we are a part of this world with them. Brings back some simple realization we live in this world with them and we need to share it. That’s what Pet Loyal in the end is about.

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