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The public starting to become more aware and more knowledgeable about products and services that businesses provide. Information and news is at our finger tips and can spread like wildfire. Take Chipotle for example where its little E.Coli outbreak has damaged the company for quite some time now. Businesses are aware that the public has this power and makes its decisions based on them. Thats why more businesses are more susuceptible to marketing about green, sustainable, or organic services/products. They know this is something that people care about and can increase sales.

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Cindy and I went to Wylie Wagg’s pet store in Chantilly, VA last week to get a new harness for Layla. After our infamous British harness that lasted us for a long time had ran past its many miles, we had to get a new good one. We have tried many others and just didn’t stick to Layla right and she is very good at moving her way out! Luckily, we were able to find a good one for her. Takes some great engineering for a harness to keep Layla from bursting out. We also got some nice treats for Layla and Lucy was well.

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I was walking around and notice some a box for donated goods to homeless dogs and another donation box that sends funds to Virginia Pet Rescue groups. I thought this was a fantastic idea and show that the business cares. 100% goes straight to the rescue groups or shelters. No fuss, no overhead. Just helping out as much as possible. It definitely took a notice with my eye as a customer that a business like this does things to help. They didn’t have too, and unlike marketing, it doesn’t necessarily drive up sales so well. Its the company as a whole that cares and its something they can help do.

It made me wonder if Wylie Waggs would put something like my brochure I’m working on in the store to share. Maybe not just people with pets but others looking to get a pet. They can hand this brochure to a friend and it can be something that will help make their decision. I will look to reach out and hope they would want to do a collaboration.

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