Persistence But Respect Is Key

Persistence But Respect Is Key

I haven’t heard from or received an email back from Congressman Connolly yet. I emailed him over a month ago. The last letter it took only two weeks from him to reply. I’m sure he has a vast of amount of duties and urgent matters to attend too. I decided to send my second letter again to each of his offices. Maybe his staff might open it up and remind him. I would like a response to my deeper questioning of the matter when it comes to advocating for animal rights and local ordinances.

It reminds me of Shawshank Redemption where Andy Dufrain keeps emailing letters to the county/state, I dont remember, about getting funds for library at the prison. Every single week he writes and sends letters. Every week no reply and rejections. But after a very long time, he gets a response and some money to just shut him up. Maybe I dont want to be that annoying, but I do want Connolly to know I’m not some fluke. I’m not some pushover who thinks this is a meaningless issue. It needs attention and needs it badly. Letters will be sent and he will be reminded that I think this is serious and won’t stop.

Which reminds me, I’m still learning the in and outs of politics and a whose who. But there is a delegate of the 38th district which is where my home resides. Perhaps I fine tune my local initiative into even more local. Time for her to receive some letters too. Time for Delegate of 38th District, Kaye Kory, to meet me.

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