The Magical Zoo

A tough topic. I remember a long time ago at Virginia Tech ethics class. Why should or why we shouldn’t have zoos. It was a rather big debate though I can’t remember the details. Both sides making great points. Is it a jail and death trap? Or is it a place of infinite food and medical care? Are they adored? But do they even know?

I hate to discuss it. A month ago, my family went to the St.Louis Zoo. We were in the city for a friend of my wife’s wedding. We thought it would be a good time to go outdoors and knowing how my son is an animal lover like myself. You love zoo’s and I love zoo’s as a child and growing up. Seeing the hundreds of different animals to gaze upon. You are keeping these animals from being free. Confined for life into a box which they can never get out. They won’t go beyond the box. Its a terrible thing.

But I look to the positives for now. Zoo’s appear to be here to stay. The research and study we can get from having these animals captive can one day the hope to save them. Its a bleak way of looking at it. But its a tough necessity. We wouldn’t be able to get such research and learn from them in the wild when its too late. A few will have to suffer for the benefit of the rest.

I look to my son now and other children who stare at these animals with wonder and amazement. There is such love in their eyes for these animals. The world’s plight for endangered species due to poaching and possible climate change might be solved by the spark lit in one of these children coming to the zoo. Pictures and video simply don’t match the aura and feeling from the animals you get seeing in person. Seeing the gorilla and how human like they are is eerie. Its us. These animals in nature are a part of us and we need to protect them.

For now, lets use it as a tool. Until the world becomes a better and more understanding place with our wildlife, we will get rid of the shackles of zoos then.

Positive News Blast

Every once in awhile you get some news about animals, environment, or green something. Recently, there has been much more news and positive about our animal world and the environment around us. Who knows what triggered it. Maybe its all the climate change talk facing the world. More protests. The daily news reader might pay more interest to these articles. Whether it be. This past month, there is a great amount of it. I’m happy to see it. Lets get started.

  1. This hits home the most for me. Cambodian bans elephant riding in early 2020. Never would I think I see this day. Back in 2011, I visited Cambodia for the first time with my family and seeing the magnificent Angkor temples. I saw up close and personal the elephants lugging up people up and down the mountain. I was against it and wanted to cry inside. I knew it wasn’t right. But 9 years later, we get the best news ever. Elephants aren’t our slaves to use everyday as transportation. They want to be happy and free. A great ending story.

2) Largest Dairy Milk Producer in America Dean Foods Files for Bankruptcy. Why is that big news? Its just milk right. Cows don’t suffer right. It might be worse. The life they live to get impregnanted and their young taken away. Only to reproduce the cycle over and over and then just be slaughtered in the end anyway. I rather die that be tortured on the daily. Whats a life of torture of living in harshest conditions to just produce milk for us to drink. Something we don’t even need. So many other milk alternatives that are just as good tasting and good for you. Cows milk is for cows. Stop drinking that shit. You don’t need it.

3. Koalas being saved by Australian grandmother. Populations ravaged by wildfires. As much as this a feel good story, it is juxtaposed by the greater story. These bush fires have caused great devastation to their populations. I’m happy to hear locals willing to risk harm to save them. With more news exposure, it brings light to the issue of the species. I hope the community and government make more effort to save them! The injured koalas show so much pain and hurt that is so evident by looking at them. How can anybody think animals have no value or pain or emotion. Just take one look and it changes everything.

4. German circus show uses stunning hologram animals to end animal abuse. Around the world, people have heard the call to end the horrific practice of animals in shows. From the famous Barnum and Bailey ending elephants to Sea World no longer having orcas. It takes our choices and money to end it. We do have the power. And one big feel good story I just found right now, Denmark government buys last four animals to send them to retirement. Wow just wow!

Fall for Fairfax And Animal Learning

I always find it funny this little conundrum and hypocrispy that is farm animals and children. Whether it be some festival, event, fair whatever you may call a large gathering of people for social activity. In this particular case Fall for Fairfax Kidsfest in well Fairfax, VA. Dont get me wrong. I think this fair is absolutely spectacular fun and relaxing family event. I have been the past two years and enjoy it thoroughly. It is a much more tame and calming event for myself than the Fairfax Fair for the young and energetic.

But there is the Petting Zoo with about 20 or so animals. It is stocked with chickens, ducks, baby lamb, some reptiles, lamas, goats. People are lined up around the bend for this Petting Zoo. Its probably the only real line except for some food. ITs pretty anticipated. Kids are giddy and can’t wait to pet the animals. I mean hell I love it still.

But it just goes to show the major oxymoron of our society. You come rush to learn to love and adore these furry creatures. But we do not teach or amend this same love and adoration to the animals we eat. A blind eye. A very blind one. I just stare and pause. I sit and think what is going on here and that is a moral fabric cloak that is covering us. And until we realize this systematic code in our brain is there and we dont break ourselves free from it. This cloak is always there. It should be used as a teaching moment for children for how they are, how they think and feel.

Makes me think of the Matrix really. How blind you are to see the truth? in front of your very eyes. On your plate every meal is death and suffering yet you are in this mind numbing state to continue to eat every bite and it tastes good to you. Yet you have the domain and superiority over these animals to go ahead and back hand there souls in the face but petting them. And we teach our children that as well. If only these children knew the truth, I wonder how many in their own will which sit and think. And think I love animals but wander how it is ok to eat them as well. Because no longer can we say it is for health or survival. That there is options out there readily and cheaply for us to become vegetarian and vegan. But yet you still eat them?! I hope that in years time I will be able to talk to my son and let him choose for himself. Whether you are 5 or 50 years old, I think you are able to make a choice based on love whatever it may be.

Animals are friends, not food. All Life Matters.

My Beloved Taiwan

My wife and I always joke about my ever dream plan to retire in Taiwan. Why you ask? Its the people. The land. The culture. The life. But most importantly the people. If I were ever to design a utopia or describe how a society should be. The Taiwanese people are it. I can’t say how much I love that country. Yes I picked taiwan even over Cambodia.

My wife then argues how will friends and family ever visit. I say a plane. What if they can’t travel. I said then they can facetime us. Cheeky. I really feel at home and at peace. The people are so kind, the food is so delicious, there is great culture and scenery all over. How many places in htis world where you can travel not have to worry about your safety, well-being, your food being fresh, someone not looking to steal from you, somebody not looking to undercut you. Where in the society you can trust a random stranger almost as family or close friend. I wouldn’t say that for the most developed or modern places. Even in the USA, competition is fierce, poverty is high, your neighbor can despise you.

And so we visited last March again. This time bringing my son. Oh it was a wonderful 24 hours of plane rides and diaper changing and changing sleep times. Henry’s sleep time was from 1pm – midnight, then his nap time was from 3am-5am. Luckily its a city that ALMOSt near sleeps and plenty of places to eat in wee hours of night.

We were able to visit the Zoo which Henry loved so much. He was able to gaze and listen to the sounds of the animals. Never have I seen zoo animals been so active in my life. They typically look like they have given up on life. He very thankfully enjoyed his time so much there. Ate a ton. And hopefully learned some Mandarin while there.

Our one main stopping point was a EXTREMELY DELICIOUS AND AWESOME Vegetarian buffet while we were there. I hate to say I can’t remember the name or location (will have my wife do some digging). But it was the most delicious food I have ever eaten. We’re not talking a good meal. A delicious meal on every front. They have dumplings and noodle dishes. Stations for everything. All sorts of juices and ciders for health. Fake sushi meat. Deep fried mushrooms. And countless other dishes that I do not know what it was or name. Just know it was a taste bud explosion.

It was hidden under a very big building on some abstract street. But to my great surprise, it was JAM PACKED. It seemed like it was everyones last meal. Buffet style restaurant. Everybody was eating up a storm. It was one of the most exciting things I have ever seen in my vegetarian life. That a vegetarian restaurant could gain so much fan fare. Why? cuz its good! People don’t care if its meat or not. As long as it taste good as I say. And this place is it. If its good people will come. It would just so happen this place is in taipei. It wasn’t some unique or speciality place where you are vegetarian or life some lifestyle that you eat here. No its an every woman and man who wants to eat a good meal and enjoy their day.

I can’t wait to retire in Taiwan. Or just maybe go back every year. 🙂

We’ve Gone Mainstream Global Baby!

I like to talk about exciting times with the the compassionate and eco trends. WELL ITS GETTING EVEN MORE EXCITING.!!!!

I’m literally bombarded with vegan things, animal rights things, environmental things of every sort of news left and right. You can’t stop hearing about it. And its wonderful!

I mean shit. Lets list it all out from one month alone.

  1. Disney Parks Restaurants all going vegan friendly with one dish
  2. Virginia Tech participated in Climate Change discussion and protests
  3. DC Climate Protest
  4. Burger King Impossible Burgers and Beyond Meat IPO
  5. Nestle is joining in on the Vegan battles
  6. Subway Is coming out with Vegan Meatball Sub
  7. Taco Bell is Having Vegetarian Section on Menu
  8. UN Climate Talks
  9. Kids TV shows mentioning Veganism and about caring for environment
  10. My contractors that work on my house have gone VEgan
  11. Talking to a coworker about the benefits of going Vegan and younger generation like her son not eating certain foods due to animal treatment.

Climate Protests Around The World

I have to give my many thanks, my kudos, my praise, my confidence, my amazement to those who have protested around the world on Climate Change. It struck home here in DC when streets were shut down disrupting traffic and made front page local news.

These individuals have true hearts and minds to bring such an important issue to light. This is not a political issue. It is not an my side vs your side issue. It is a human issue. This affects us all. I understand a change in our economy and society that lead to a greener and brighter future will have negative affects on some. But for the greater good of humanity I hope they can understand.

When water becomes scarce, people lose their homes to rising water levels, when lives are lost to more extreme natural disasters. No one is excluded from the wrath. It doesn’t see race, color, gender, nationality. The time is now to make a change and arguments need to stop.

I know I should have been out there with them. But life always gets in the way. A little disappointed in myself. But I try to make changes everyday at home with my family. A little goes a long way. I commend those who continue to fight.

For example, Greta Thunberg, who has made strides and brought global awareness to the issue. She has been criticized and mocked by a large number of people. Very surprising. It is not an easy issue and no one said a solution was going to be. But the fact we ignore it and squabble over other less important things make it even worse. You may not like her, but she is in fact fighting for you, your future and everyone you know. I think that is a completely selfless and honorable act.

If you watch her video. I understand it can be taken in a negative way. But then how do you expect her or anyone to bring such an important issue to attention. How do you expect her to feel? How do you expect someone who sees the truth where millions can die and suffer to be calm about it. What method would you have like to spread her message? To bring to the forefront such an issue, it takes courage, energy, guts and thick skin. Because if you don’t kick and scream, who will listen to you? So instead of chastising her, lets stand behind her.

My Little Nature Explorer

I’m always fascinated by my son at his curiousity and enjoyment for all the little things around him when we go outside. Whether we are in our front yard, at a park, or just strolling around the neighborhood. He loves to hear the sounds of birds chirping, see ants crawl on the driveway, or watch a bee pollinate a flower. He wants to experience it all.

It gets back into thoughts I’ve had before or read various environmental articles throughout the years. How we fuse ourselves with nature and the land around us. We cannot forget that we all depend on each other. If we destroy nature, we ultimately destroy ourselves and everything around us. As society and people continue to advance and grow at exponential rates. We seem to forget where we came from and ties to the land and life around us. We continue to further separate ourselves from this and create a delusion. Only when a hurricane, drought, ,or other catastrophic worldly event do we get put back in our place and realize we are not so invincible.

And that’s what brings me happiness as I see my son enjoy this simple things and appreciate all the life around us. I will teach him the intrinsic values of all this life. That if we can and do our best to let them live and not destroy if we do not have too. Learn to love it all. We mow the lawn, I see crickets jumping, I go near a bush, a bird flies out, I pick up a small log, hundreds of insects crawl away, I walk to my car, a chipmunk scurries away. He runs and points to the bird or crouches to touch an ant.

As I can keep stating, all creatures want to life just like we do. His face of wonder and bright eyes just touches my heart every single time. We still have a chance to change it all with the right mind like my son is growing as we speak.

Preschool Playground

4 Amazing Years and More TO Save

I always like to commemorate the month I went Vegetarian/Vegan. Its a been a wonderful and successful journey. Lot of learning, internal happiness, raising awareness, family and friend battles. But its all worth it.

It all began with one documentary named Cowspiracy that my wife saw trending on social media. And that was the spark to flip the switch on my life. What means a lot to me, my morals, what I see in the world and for the future are all encompassed by this diet, this lifestyle, this movement. Or better yet, all what I choose to put in front of me on my plate. One simple action can mean so much more. An action that forms a massive conglomerate of reform who also are making compassionate, animal loving, environmental friendly, anti-suffering choices in their lives.

It is a special time like any other important milestone in my life. I hope that others continue on this journey. We are all in it together. I think one day, people are going to look back and find that people in the past eating meat was crazy. Animals are our friends, not food.

My impact in numbers. In the real. See it for yourself. Try it on the

I’m Simply Sorry

The other night I was letting my dogs out around 10pm. It was quite late and I’m just cleaning up the yard per usual. I hear this distinct buzzing noise. Low and behold I look up at the yard light. A massive nest with 20 wasps flying around.

I was only feet away. None tried to attack me. I had to destroy the nest. For my family safety and my pets. It would only get worse and worse. They made a new home in a spot that would conflict with us. It was close to our entry doorway.

I thought I might be able to hose them down. Destroy the nest and let the others flee. I sprayed it until the nest came crashing down. While it was slowly breaking a part. I saw dozens of wasps in their. And even dozens of larvae more. I felt terrible. All they do is want to live. Create a family and continue on line any other creature. It’s grim reality even the kindest hearted have to face time to time. A neccesity.

That night and next morning. The ones that feed came flying back and forth and around the nest. They were confused. I’m walking freely and none stil attacked. I’m the asshole. I’m the devil in this case. All I can do is say I’m sorry. I hooe you make a new home and can life safe.

My Sweet Honey Bee

People and cultures all over the world. Have used honey for a variety of health reasons, ailements, and who knows what else. It’s sweet and delicious. Quite dangerous to get back in the day I’m sure. Now it’s a whole multi million dollar business.

It’s a common everyday pantry requirement to have some laying around. To produce such mass quantities to fill the needs of 375? million Americans. One must think, how do we get it all? Honey and bees aren’t tied up in vegan efforts as much as other causes. Probably since we don’t actively kill them

I’ve learned nearly my entire adult life that bees were in a dire situation dying off. Yet this little insect can be the cause and affect of the world’s environment and food supply. Learning it over and over in environment science. So the bee affecting our lives on many fronts.

This jar in my house symbolizes terror and abuse. We harvest this from them. They spend countless hours to produce. We shio bees from state to state in regular trucks in extreme heat to pollinate our plants and produce honey. Now I know on surface it’s not much.

I’m sure the bee keepers or those who own for business love them just like any other animal. They mean no harm, it’s a job or Hobbie.

But as a consumer who needs to be thoughtful. Is it really worth some honey to put those bees in such harsh lives? For what? What’s the difference for a cow used for her milk and leading a terrible life. Or to rip a calf away to used for meat and th cries for their mother. I finally said enough and it’s abuse all the same. I won’t contribute ever again. My wife even saves any bees that might be caught in a web or water bowl for our dogs

SO bye bye last jar of honey. It was good tasting ya.