This past weekend, my family along with my cousins and brothers had a weekend trip to the Big Apple. I heard about all the vegan options in New York City and was pretty excited. My sister in law loves NYC and my brother and her want to go every year. I thought it has been quite some time since we went and my wife were eager to go.

I looked online for vegan restaurants. I want something unique and simple to get. Something on a regular day where I can grab a nice vegan meal on the go. A lot popped up in parts too far or too luxurious for my taste. I gave up on the searching. If it happens it happens.

I think I could make a thousand page write up on this New York trip. But I’ll try to minimize the story of fun. Let me express my joy. THERE IS VEGAN OR VEGETARIAN OPTIONS EVERYWHERE!!! Whether it be a delicious item on the menu or a restaurant dedicated to cruel free. I had choices everywhere and anywhere I went. I felt so happy you wouldn’t believe. No longer was I searching in just salad and appetizer sections. Right there on the menu, it plain sight, Vegan. My cousin Earl who is a NYC regular told me that NYC had everything. But I didn’t really believe to that degree.

We hit Chinese favorite, Xian Noodles on the day we got there. I have been to that place but it seems they even expanded their vegan options. For dinner, we hit a ramen shop. I asked the waitress what vegan options their was. She easily pointed it out on the menu. She went even further to ask if I wanted Egg or if butter was ok? I politely declined. It goes to show how serious they take it and common it is. It was a nice soy sauce combination which was delicious. A regular pizza shop which is stopped by thousands in the Chelsea neighborhood next to our hotel. NYC Suprema Pizza has various vegan pizza options. I mean what the heck?! A pizza hotspot have vegan options as well. I was mindblown.

And the biggest story of all. My brother even pointed out a vegan sushi place for me that he noticed while we were at Chelsea market. A place of 100 restaurants and he found a place for me. It was BEYOND SUSHI. WOW. I’ve seen this place on articles and all over the vegan newsfeeds. I totally forgot to look for this place. Its sushi was delicious. You don’t need fish here. The rice, mushrooms, and all the other little ingredients to make it super easy. They also had a mushroom sauce which made it more Devine. I really can’t express my happiness while being here. It really made me feel at home more than ever before. I could be myself and not stand out. Because vegetarianism and veganism is that. It’s normal, its nothing crazy. Its a normal life with a simple choice. And thats something everybody can do and understand.

Sorry to be random, but my experience was a crazy 72 hour experience. Only had 3 hours sleep night before we drove since we visited Williamsburg, VA with my wife family. Then all of us having little ones to worry and care for made it crazy. In my feel good state after 3 drinks with my brother and cousin. We did talk about food and I did let them know that I did want to try some vegan spots. I did take it seriously. They did acknowledge which made me happy. I was happy to know my believes was not some joke. That even though whatever circumstances cause me stopped sway, I’m not a hypocrite. I really do believe in the cause. And with my stand here, I can hope make influence or change in others.

Oh yes yes, I should talk about my other experiences. Mickey Mouse pop up shop, Color Factory, Santa Claus at Macy’s, it was a fulfilled and happy weekend. Though I shouldn’t go Korean cubbing until 3am. The drive the next day was not so fun haha.

And I don’t want to express my disgust in full. But I was cut down a little bit in seeing in 2018 where fur bans all over media. That people still buy that shit. Canada Goose was everywhere. Like literally everywhere. They did a great job with marketing and design I give them that. There logo stands right out. I get you want to be trendy people. I get that you want to feel luxurious. Most of the coat that keeps you warm didn’t need the coyote. Its 2018. We are better than that. Ditch the fur. Ban the fur. Let the animals keep the fur nature intended for them to use. WAKE UP!


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