As the title reads, Its time to step up my game. I really thought social media was going to make this happen. To grow and grow slowly, surely and organically. I was a little confident in myself and that an issue such as dogs and cats dying left and right would tug on hearts. The after making a post with a new dog joining the movement, at least one person would follow. Oh boy, I was proven wrong.

But with time and maturity, I’ve learned to slow down. Things take time and need a chance. Of course, I will never give up. I wasn’t going to go there. I’m not down, I’m not depressed, and I haven’t lost faith. And that’s the important part. To keep chugging along. That one day it will and can take off. Because with any issue you care about, you always have to believe there is light at the end of the tunnel.

So what now? Time to try new tactics, time to take new chances. Just keep hoping something will work. Now being a project manager and all. I’ve been trained to solve things. To reevaluate and assess. Make new plans and see them through. And that’s how I can take Pet Loyal Project, its an adventure in my mind. To see this thing grow from infancy into success and that’s very exciting to me. I can take on lots of risks because its mine and there virtually no consquences. The project just keeps going on and I keep going. I’m not going to lose cash and the project will not fail. The only reason it fails because I lose the will.

It is always on my mind whether I’m working on it or not. I am always busy and do something non stop. I think I’ve spoken about that enough. The job, the house, the kid, taking care of my mother, etc. I realize I have a lot of time. I get pushed to limits and you find out what your true abilities are. Its just whether I want to waste it away playing Fortnite or FIFA. But those even aren’t a waste because I need to let my mind unwind haha. So I definitely get a game or two in every few days. Its too fun, that’s bad of me.

But now Its time to try something bold. I always remember that marketing scheme by Redbull who put tons of Redbull cans in a busy high end professional working district in London.  People saw the cans everywhere in the trash, and thought wow all these rich and smart people must be doing redbull. A simple assumption. I’m going to do it too. And that was one way to get the name in every household. Maybe I leave my Pet Loyal tags near dog park or metro on way to work. People pick it up, people get curious, people get involved. I also decided to make more outreach to Pet organizations in the area. I put up multiple posts on craigslist to no avail. People just don’t see the urgency. So I need to go to them.

I think the issue is hard for people’s mind to wrap around. Its like the Holocaust or the Killing Fields of Cambodia, people just find it hard to believe. So then they brush it off from their minds. I’m contsnatly thinking and changing up ways how to deliver my message. Then one day, I’ll have a nice fine tuned message that everybody can understand and climb on board.

Just keep at it.

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