New York City Vegan

New York City Vegan

I just came back from a lovely trip to New York City a couple weeks ago. My sister in law loved Christmas in New York and we all took a big family trip last year. We tried to make it happen again this Winter but unfortunately couldn’t. Our weekends didn’t align but we both went only two weekends a part. My mother went twice with each family!

One thing my wife and I never did before was travel by train. I went on Amtrak once from San Diego to Los Angeles to visit my uncle and loved the experience. The impression hasn’t left me. I convinced my wife we need to try it out. And oh boy it was a wonderful one.

We got there in about 3.5 hours instead of 5. There isn’t a need for a driver and everybody can relax. You easily eat food and drink. You can walk around and stretch your legs. Accessible and clean bathrooms. You have great cell signal, power outlets for laptops, and good Ole USA country side views. A win to the win and win winning combo for me. We used the Red Cap service to make it even better. You get to board the train first and not be in the rush.

Henry was happy to run around and play. My wife and mother could chat about the whole time. And guess what, oh yeah, I ain’t driving!!!!!! Last time shall we say, I drank a little too much. Then driving home for 5 hours ain’t too fun.

Well as soon as we arrived we directly went to Chelsea Market. A fun vibrate place with ton of food options. Last time, I had vegan sushi! But with new and exciting places popping up left and right, I needed to venture. How lucky a place my wife was lookinn up had a vegan option. My surprise surprise… Not. NYC you make me happy. It was Very Fresh Noodles. Right off the bat is a line at 1pm. I ordered the vegan noodle soup and it was full of flavor. I wish I could get this back home. Lots of spices and mix of Chinese cuisine to blend into a perfectly delicious bowl.

What next. Oh yes. My wife had to hit up Ichiran. That was a must of this trip. After we hit that, she could call the trip done. No lines, big location near Time Square. Oh and surprise, the only Ichiran in the world with a vegan option! I wouldn’t say this vegan Ichiran dish was mind blowing. But used a lot of Dashi for flavoring. Soft and tasty noodles and I’m not missing out on any regular tonkatsu ramen.

New York City a place vibrant with life and culture. It’s arguably the #1 city in the world. Tall buildings, tons of people, fashion galore, wealthy and poor, nightlife, latest events, politics, celebrities, and the list is endless. We came across buses with Dunkin Donut advertising their new plant based breakfast sandwhiches. A partnership with Beyond Meat I believe.

Animals were everywhere doe Henry and yeah me. A quick stroll through Central Park would take care of that. Squirrels, birds, mouse, and horses! Henry is on a horse binge. He couldn’t stop staring and yeah he got a high five from the horse driver. Made my day to see him so happy. From toy horses to real ones.

One thing I’ll have to say I need to shut down. Fuck Canada Goose people. Can you not wrap your morality on how those jackets were mad? Geese basically tortured in the process of their feathers, and wild coyotes hunted for fur. There are tons of options to keep you warm and an animal didn’t need to die. You know it, and I know it. So why is ever 10th person I walk pass have this jacket. At least half are probably fake, so thank you Chinese counterfeiters.

Anyways, let’s keep this trip going and focus on the positive. The one place I had on my bucket list before left. The cinnamon snail located at Penn Station. DAMN is The Cinnamon Snail good! Now thags why I call a burger! It was made with the freshest and tastiest ingredients. The Peking Tots were simply amazing. And sorry my wife didn’t like it but I sure did was the Cauliflower soup.

One of few places with a line. People couldn’t stop coming to the snail. I can see why. When other foodie bloggers out calling Cinnamon Snail as top 5 foodie joint, I’m ecstatic to eat all myself. Can you come to Virginia please!? Thanks. It really hits upon the fact, vegan food doesn’t have to be boring. People don’t really care as long as it tastes good. This place met and exceed at that criteria.

Thanks again NYC for a wonderful time. We hope to see you again. My vegan adventures and stories will continue. And I will keep sharing. Animals are our friends, not food.