New Restaurant Review

After the long wait, I was able to finally try out Lotus Vegetarian restaurant in Chantilly, VA. It is a restaurant in a big plaza in Chantilly next to some big stores like Lowes and Petsmart. Easy to access and in a main part of the city on Route 50. My wife told me about this place quite a few months ago. Her best friend and her mother used to love to come and eat here. The menu had a large number of offerings so I was quite excited.

We had a number of vegetable and tofu dishes. But what stood out the most was the fried eggplant. It was to die for! It was crisp and perfectly flavored. Unfortunately, my mother in law order a lot of dishes already so I didn’t get a chance to order some of the protein dishes. They have lots of different type of dishes offered for any sort of vegetarian. But the fact it is an asian cuisine style place which obviously makes my taste buds happy. I will definitely be coming here again. Vegetarian dishes are known for being bland and tasteless. I can’t argue, its hard to get the good flavors without making it unhealthy. But Lotus Vegetarian does a great job of making the food healthy, plentiful, and delicioius. 5 stars from me!


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