My Sweet Honey Bee

People and cultures all over the world. Have used honey for a variety of health reasons, ailements, and who knows what else. It’s sweet and delicious. Quite dangerous to get back in the day I’m sure. Now it’s a whole multi million dollar business.

It’s a common everyday pantry requirement to have some laying around. To produce such mass quantities to fill the needs of 375? million Americans. One must think, how do we get it all? Honey and bees aren’t tied up in vegan efforts as much as other causes. Probably since we don’t actively kill them

I’ve learned nearly my entire adult life that bees were in a dire situation dying off. Yet this little insect can be the cause and affect of the world’s environment and food supply. Learning it over and over in environment science. So the bee affecting our lives on many fronts.

This jar in my house symbolizes terror and abuse. We harvest this from them. They spend countless hours to produce. We shio bees from state to state in regular trucks in extreme heat to pollinate our plants and produce honey. Now I know on surface it’s not much.

I’m sure the bee keepers or those who own for business love them just like any other animal. They mean no harm, it’s a job or Hobbie.

But as a consumer who needs to be thoughtful. Is it really worth some honey to put those bees in such harsh lives? For what? What’s the difference for a cow used for her milk and leading a terrible life. Or to rip a calf away to used for meat and th cries for their mother. I finally said enough and it’s abuse all the same. I won’t contribute ever again. My wife even saves any bees that might be caught in a web or water bowl for our dogs

SO bye bye last jar of honey. It was good tasting ya.

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