My Little Nature Explorer

My Little Nature Explorer

I’m always fascinated by my son at his curiousity and enjoyment for all the little things around him when we go outside. Whether we are in our front yard, at a park, or just strolling around the neighborhood. He loves to hear the sounds of birds chirping, see ants crawl on the driveway, or watch a bee pollinate a flower. He wants to experience it all.

It gets back into thoughts I’ve had before or read various environmental articles throughout the years. How we fuse ourselves with nature and the land around us. We cannot forget that we all depend on each other. If we destroy nature, we ultimately destroy ourselves and everything around us. As society and people continue to advance and grow at exponential rates. We seem to forget where we came from and ties to the land and life around us. We continue to further separate ourselves from this and create a delusion. Only when a hurricane, drought, ,or other catastrophic worldly event do we get put back in our place and realize we are not so invincible.

And that’s what brings me happiness as I see my son enjoy this simple things and appreciate all the life around us. I will teach him the intrinsic values of all this life. That if we can and do our best to let them live and not destroy if we do not have too. Learn to love it all. We mow the lawn, I see crickets jumping, I go near a bush, a bird flies out, I pick up a small log, hundreds of insects crawl away, I walk to my car, a chipmunk scurries away. He runs and points to the bird or crouches to touch an ant.

As I can keep stating, all creatures want to life just like we do. His face of wonder and bright eyes just touches my heart every single time. We still have a chance to change it all with the right mind like my son is growing as we speak.

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