My Dear Okja

My Dear Okja

Its 4:27am. Baby watch. Baby mama is sleeping, baby is sleeping. Want to write this fresh on my mind. Maybe I’m sleepy or I’m crazy being up this late. I feel like I’m in college. A 21 year old young, ambitious, want to do it all, conquer the word mind.When my mind is at its oddest times when I can think the most vivid and focused. Lets go for it.

I feel this energy and wave in the air I haven’t really felt in a long time time. I feel hope. I feel this momentum slowly churning in the midst. Tides are turning and its just a moment of time.

With “What The Health” featuring on Netflix and now “Okja” a Netflix-produced movie on its featured movies. Its ever so exciting for animal cruelty and environmentalism to be on the forefronts of the entertainment industry. Okja was the movie and face of My Dear Layla. What I seek to achieve and convey was in that movie. Animals like Okja are something to love, adore and care for. That have a higher meaning in a very simplistic way. Maybe it was some fake CGI character but nonetheless it represents all the factory farm animals. That there is much more to the game that what we can see face value.

There is environmental degradation, profits, corporate greed, marketing, friendship, all at hand. Okja was not shy to portray the horrors in a more graphic but not brutal way. I was surprised to see so many stars willing to join in on this movie. Jake Gyllenhaal? Who would have knew he would want to be a focal character. Steven Yeun from Walking Dead? Wow! The movie want to come out and say it. Here’s the reality of what is happening. WATCH IT and THINK ABOUT IT! Its everything thats going on that you don’ want to admit. When you cut up that piece of steak, thats whats going on the background. Ignorance is not bliss. Think about it next time you grab that knife and fork.

The main word to use and keeps come back to is “Compassion”. Thats the trigger. We want you to think about what is going on, I don’t want you to blindly follow. But if you just sat and think about it, you can see that there is much cruelty going on. It simply is not worth the pain and suffering of so many millions of animals all for what? To eat some good food? At a higher level of understanding. People can come to realize animals have feelings and just want to be loved. I like how it plays the industry as well and not some sappy feel good movie. People need to know whats going on. Once adults can learn, their kids can learn. That is the way. It shows that there is a bigger industry going on than they think, that there is a control and greed by these companies to produce meat. Profit is the main driver.

I’m glad and do not believe that the movie glorified the Animal Liberators as Robin Hoods of the animal world. That people think they need to go to such drastic measures to get the point across. Unfortunately, big dramatic gestures typically do not end in the results seemed to achieve. It is much more slow and methodical. I have dreamed in the past myself doing some crazy heroic deed in which a grand display or act showcased my passion and heart for animals or Cambodia. That this glorious act to throw in the face of millions of people watching would change their minds. But in the end, I look from an outside view and see this martyr as some maniac. Or it would be today’s hot news flash that would be gone in the next tweet or viral image.

It helps me keep going. Now even at 4:51am, that I don’t need to do something crazy. That a movie can change minds. That people on Instagram are posting healthy vegan lifestyles. They are sharing vegan meals, promoting it, trying to help others. That slowly but surely whatever I can do is contributing as well. That My Dear Layla can share her voice with others such as Okja did on Netflix. All it takes is for one person to change or think about it. They cut out meat for one meal or want to shop at compassionate animal farm. And that it itself is a difference. Then I keep going and hope to maybe change another mind. One by one, it keeps going. Until hopefully we can change how the way things work. That one day everything can change. That we will not just be an individual, a community, a society, a country, but a world were suffering is no longer condoned for any animal life.

Thank you Okja for helping my sweet Layla.

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