It was a lovely if not magical (haha) time at Disney World recently. My sister in law had the awesome work trip to go to Orlando for Microsoft Ignite. So my wife and I thought it would be nice to tag along and bring our son. It a wonderful experience to stay at a resort with a super legit water pool and pool, lake deck, mini puch and ring games, and not to mention the living area the size of a condo. I think I could live there with my family. One very lucky and fortunate thing was this is somewhat offseason. Lines were not too long or areas too crowded. We may have not been able to do as much as we wanted. Thanks to YOU Henry. But a fun time nonetheless! Animals and happy faces and rides and good things to eat..

Oh wait things to eat. Thats one of the main topics of this blog. I find it ironic that you come to the “animal” kindgom to love animals and a great porition of Disney characters are some sort of animal. But then you can turn around and eat them in the very same time. Its an oxymoron of sorts. Like saving one child from doing sweatshop work making clothes but then go ahead an buy a toy made from a sweatshop child. Like whats the point? But as I always point out things and complain, I look at the positive side of things. Society is the way it is and we have been eating meat for thousands of years. One step forward is one more than before and still forward. Disney has listened to society and is making a small step forward to help be compassionate and cater to those guests at the park who share those values.

Quite a few places to eat at at both places had vegetarian/vegan friendly options. There was a chiptole like style place where you can get a bowl of assorted toppings. They had tofu as one of the protein options. Oh hey lucky me. Good catch and lucky find. My wife and sister in law actually claimed my little tofu bowl was the best tasting compared to their beef and chicken options. But a real kicker for times of changing and thanks to you Disney was a main hot dog spot near the main area of Disney World. Lines and lines that never end and people wanting to eat. There was a PLANT BASED dog clearly pictured on the menu. If i don’t know what else to help make a landmark step, please help me. I was extremely shocked. Even my wife was in awe that they would do such a thing. Thats campaigning for compassionate and loving eating. I was super happy during my visit and worried actually about the food. Only hot dogs and burgers are typically an american thing to it. But now for me, I have no worry.

SO THANK YOU DISNEY! Thank you for showing the millions of guests that come each year the way to be compassionate and this movement is happening. What better joys for a vacation. All the little kids growing up can see this is the norm and a vegetarian/vegan lifestyle is a part of this place.


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