Michele Boggs Reveals Behind the Scenes

Michele Boggs Reveals Behind the Scenes

I like to share articles and stories on this blog for the public to read themselves. I have to write a story and post on this one. Michele Boggs, who works at Altus Animal Control, shared this photo on facebook the other day that has gone viral. It shows dogs being put in bags that have been euthanized. Michele is brave enough to share the reality of the pet world. When we say shelter or kennel, it is a bad outlook that a dog or cat has been euthanized. People often want to hide from the true fact and shelters paint a picture that all is well by providing high percentage adoption rates. Simply it isn’t true. No, this is reality, it is happening everyday in the thousands. Dogs you don’t want for whatever silly reason die. It is because of we people aren’t able to face the reality. We don’t to know the truth. We want to have our mistake free dog and if it isn’t perfect, it goes to La La Land and lives happily ever after.

Hopefully, more people like Michele can step up to the plate and share what is going on. More people need to know. More people need to see. More people to learn. Hopefully this leads to more action.

One sad statemeny I read in this article.

“While there should be more laws to regulate excessive dog breeding and more enforcement to prevent animal cruelty, the most important way to save a pet is by adopting them.”

Should… While there should be more laws… We know its an issue, we know something needs to be done but we don’t have much awareness on it or people doing something about it. Usefully something this catastrophic, people are up in arms, there are movements, there are groups to fight this. But you dont hear about it if any. To me, its almost as appaling as: There should be no child labor, There should be penalties for committing a crime… There should be education for everyone… We talk about it as some overarching issue that can’t be touched or too difficult to deal with. While this is probably one of the easiest issues to address and people to relate.

Thats why its so important for this story to be shared so people will stand up and create laws to regulate or more enforcement. I will try my best and that is what I can offer. I hope to share awareness in Northern Virginia and have projects to help proactively make people conscious of their decisions. Maybe we can get these laws in Fairfax County. I have reached out to Michele and hope to have an interview with her tomorrow. She has responded and agreed, I’m extremely excited and hopefully with this discussion.


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