Mama To The Rescue

Mama To The Rescue

Mouse, rat, possum, bees, roaches, all pests of the home right? You got it in your house, got to get rid of it. Yes I do believe you need them gone but in a humane way if possible. If that is not an option, you need to do it quick. These are all factors and things to consider when other animals come into your home.

Maybe you might not want to kill one, but then one turns to 10 and you they do not stop. They grow and grow and now it is a healthy and safety hazard for the home and little ones living in it. So instead of killing one you will instead have to kill 10. Now what good came out of it if you did not react timely.

My mom had more suspected rodents in her house. She doesn’t want to kill them, but knows its necessary. She’s also terrified of them. So I have to come to the rescue and deal with it. Its sad and its heart breaking the killing, the massacre. But safety of ourselves and them and possible future killings.

So I laid out the traps, I put the bait, I was ready to end it. My mom heard endless rustling throughout the nights. These mice were brave…They ran throughout the house without worry. They ventured into areas they usually do not. Something was odd to me. Next day, I check a trap. Its gone… What could have happened. This must be some super large rat or possum. I saw the peanut butter all over. The trap slamming the animal and no choice it had to drag it along with it.

I felt absolutely terrible. I just put massive pain and suffering to an animal. Everything I seek to not do and prevent. Who knows how long this animal will survive. Little do I know, as my mom is talking to me about what is going on and what she experienced again. I see this tiny…little…furry…something scatter across the kitchen and back behind the dishwasher. Its little furry tail dragging behind.

How odd.. what animal has a furry tail? not the usual rat, mouse, possum rodent.. Over the next few days with various other traps to capture this large animal. More sleepless nights for my mother, more stories, more rustling through the nights. So much debate on what it was and how to catch it. It was super elusive and able to get food and not get caught in new cage traps. Soon enough we will get you and find out.

Then I get the text, my om saw it. She knows what it is. A baby squirrel…Yes a baby squirrel. A naive little baby squirrel who knew no better but the warmth and abundant food source that is my moms house. We got him. I come and see. He’s scared and hungry. He’s not some vermin, he’s not some pest, he’s just a baby. I think to look at his legs or tail and its all fine. It makes me think are their any other squirrels or parents that my mouse trap caught. No way could they get it off. Did I just kill another animal and it suffered a slow death? Must have.

We decided to save this little one. Feed him and give him water and let him get big and strong. Once he’s strong enough to fend for himself outside. We will release. That is what nature intended. He is wild. I see where I got my animal loving genes from. My mother cares so much for this little one, she wants to do everything in her power to save him. SHe feels terrible for wanting to get rid of him. Its a little cute to see how flustered she is when she realizes she has been trying to capture and possible hurt this little friend of ours this whole time.

This goes to the bigger picture when you just sit down and think. All life is just trying to survive. All they want is shelter and food. They dont want to ruin our sleep or ruin our home. Their mission is not make our life miserable. Its just survival. I think we can all understand that.

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