Lost Dogs and Adoption Billboard

Lost Dogs and Adoption Billboard


Its really sad to see this board of lost dogs or owners trying to find their dogs new homes. This board was on the entrance of a Petco in Falls Church, Virginia. Most the posts were from months ago and who knows if their dog was found or not. I”m going to assume not because the paper is still on this board. It must be an absolutely heartbreaking feeling to lose a dog. You can run and drive all around with no clue where they are. A dog may feel free or scared and run off in any direction and not know where you or home is. I was especially sad to see the one post where the dog is young and afraid of people. The dog must be so frightened and difficult to rescue if will not come near people. Northern VA is a big and scary place for a lost dog. I really hope the owners are able to find them. Aside from these postings, checking around the neighborhood, and calling shelters, what else can you do? Definitely tag a dog with your home address and phone # so someone can contact you immediately. Who knows how many dogs get lost each year. Sadly, last year, a former coworker of mine said his mothers dog was stolen off her porch and never returned.




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