Local Political Animal Lover

Local Political Animal Lover

My very own congressman is an animal lover. GREAT NEWS!!!! One way to influence policy as a citizen is to contact your local congressman. Its something you learned in 8th grade civics. Have an issue, write your congressman, they are there to serve you. They will listen. I think back in my day it was Tom Davis.

But for quite awhile now, the congressman for my district is, Gerry Connolly. I saw on a recent facebook post by the Humane Society of Fairfax County that Congressman Connolly invited the Humane Society out for his Federal health benefits workshop. Any press is good press for somebody who is an animal lover. I’m a proud supporter of him and voted him in the last and previous elections. He’s so good that he ran unopposed.

Definitely going to keep him in mind and write him when I get my ideas going. Hopefully I can speak my mind through him for our state political policy. Go Annandale, go Fairfax County, go Virginia!

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