Lets Go Nats!!!

Lets Go Nats!!!

Off to the ole great american past time baseball. Its been quite a few years since I made it out to a Washington Nationals game. Nice summer air, sun shining and some nice cold brews. I went with my brother, sister in law, niece and good friend. Something to do on a Saturday afternoon. Sister in law got some tickets from her work as a company event and thought why not tag along.

Lots of families enjoying the game and looking at the beautiful stadium. My brother and Vandy decided to get some beers of course to start off the game. I got an Goose Island IPA that was a little hard to drink fast. I was at half the speed of finishing my beers compared to Vandy and David. After sitting down for a little while, it was time for dun dun LUNCH! With our tickets we get a free beef hot dog, chips and a drink.


I started to think oh what should I eat instead of getting that free meal. I forgot I’m probably one of the worst places as a vegetarian. Hot dogs, hamburgers chilli nachos, all of the great meaty foods accompanied with the sport. I just walked around to the food stalls and could smell the fatty and fried foods encompassing the stadium. I thought I was screwed. I guess I’ll have to suck it up and eat a beef hot dog.

After my brother got his meal, I went up to get my free hot dog. Then I saw  V………E…G…G. ?! Can I believe it? I…EEE, its a veggie hot dog!!!!! Just my luck! I was jumping for joy inside that the Washington Nationals my hometown DC team would provide something like this. They are conscious of vegetarians and do offer something for us to enjoy like everybody else.

I put my order in for a veggie dog. Thirty seconds later, a lady comes back and says, ” Here’s your beef hot dog”. I’m like what ok, simple mistake.  I tell her “sorry, I ordered a veggie hot dog?” She goes oh ok. **Tosses beef hot dog into trash and runs to get veggie**. My heart sinks. The point is to make a stance but also to not waste, in order to eat a veggie dog, the beef hot dog was thrown away. And now that cow died for nothing or at least a piece of him/her. Not my fault but I did feel terrible. What was the point of all that, I would have eaten the beef one. My parents haven’t gone through the Killing Fields and my mom chattering since a child not to waste a SINGLE grain of rice. Its implanted in my brain not to waste food. But what can you do. The veggie dog was pretty good and I  got to enjoy my day just like anybody else.


After wandering the whole stadium; I realized there was quite a few vegetarian options. Not just fries hahaha. They even list it on there website. Veggie burgers, cauliflower sandiwch, veggie tacos, etc. YOu name it, you get the ballgame experience with similar ballgame food. So its a shoutout to the Washington Nationals who do their part to make an enjoyable experience for meat eaters and vegetarians alike. You guys get a Home Run from me!!! (cheesy).

Food Concessions Veggie Options: http://washington.nationals.mlb.com/was/ballpark/concessions/index.jsp?content=vegetarian

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