Progress has been slow on the Pet Loyal Project. I’m getting mixed results and some confusing comments thus far. Some people have loved the idea and donated to the cause. I’m extremely happy and thankful to those people. While others like my posts on reddit think completely opposite. Its just a tag that can’t do anything. Its a tag that I somehow implied to profit from. What can a tag do? What does a tag tell people?

I’m still very confident in my resolve on how I want to tackle this issue. There is only one thing to do, give facts, share knowledge and stop the madness. Though some people might not understand the end goal and its strategy, it will not stop me from saving the pets. There 100 things somebody who works and has a family needs to do everyday. To just keep the train going and steady on course. Throw in a side project that needs to flourish and you might burn out. I try to hit so many locals on Instagram and facebook in Arlington, Falls Church, Annandale, Fairfax, Chantilly, etc.

Anybody with a child will know the complete drain, fatigue, stress, frustration yet happiness that came along with it. I don’t know how my grandmothers gave birth to 10 kids. My sense of time is warped. Days go by without even realizing or remembering it happened sometimes. Its an out of body experience. But its one thing I learned is to be patient. That in a month or year, as long as you get there. And its better than failing and doing nothing. I say sorry to all the sweet and wonderful pets out there that its taking so long.  That each day thousands of you are dying, while I just sit here typing and not having a thing done about it. I wish with every effort resulted in saving you all. I hate to use my energy wasted on those who don’t see the plan and vision to save you all.

This is still a good idea idea to me. I still have hope. I cling to that hope. And I pray that my hope is good enough to give me the energy and persistence to keep working and not let you all down.

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