Anytime I hear anything out of the ordinary when listening to mainstream media, it causes my ears to perk up quite a bit. I think the word vegetarianism, vegan, pets, dogs, cats when heard causes a trigger for my brain to stop the rest of my body and mind to completely stop what its doing and listen in. I always said society is changing and you need to climb on board right away. And the media is telling me that these topics I care about are starting to be a part of everyday conversation. Whatever form or topic its on, the fact that people are talking is what is important about it.

This past week, while outside doing some yardwork, I heard on Hot 99.5 that DJ’s talking about this sotry going viral about a dog owner on TV saying his dog is a veggie dog. But given the option on TV to eat meat or vegetables. The dog ate meat. Now I haven’t done enough research to have a safe on this issue whether its healthy, moral, ethical, to feed a dog a vegetarian or vegan diet. The owners minds and hearts are in the right place. They care for all animals and their actions are their own to control. And if something in their life like a dog is eating meat. They are still contributing to the over arching issue of animals suffering and dying. Which they and I agree, none should have to go through. Still up for debate. But STILL its being talked about on the #1 Radio station in Washington DC metro area. For those who don’t know, that encompasses northern Virginia and southern Maryland with the District of Columbia.

Whether people laugh about it, whether people agree with it, whether people just want to watch the video to see whats going on, whether they disagree and think its cruel to impose that to animals, in the end people are talking about it. People are arguing and debating whether this was right or wrong. Doesn’t matter to me. As long as the public can open their hearts to understand the issue.

And now to another time so shortly hearing about veggies! Just today, I was playing with Henry and having him waddle around all over the house. He was picking up spices from the spice drawer and playing with them. Then getting toys and playing. Quite fun to see. But one of his favorite shows ,the Bubble Guppies, started to reference the ultimate cause. During the skit was the characters discussing what meal they got. One of the characters said they got a veggie sandwhich! I mean what in the world? I did not expect to hear that.

What is so monumental and important about this, is that this basically world reknown child favorite show is teaching our children about different options in meals and life choices. That not everything is meat. It is normal for someone to eat just vegetables for a living. It is absolutely amazing. Children all over the world learning so young and this knowledge they will carry. People are who they are based on how they are raised and taught. And if they are taught that veggie lifestyle is normal or a vegan lifestyle is healthy. They will grow and adapt that to their lives. And NOW THAT is change, that is making a difference.

I’m one happy veggie and pet loving guy. Bubble Guppies you get my father approval!




Oh yeah, Virginia Tech winning, that made me even happier this past week. GO HOKIES!

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