I love what I’m seeing around me in my life. I love going to a restaurant and seeing vegetarian and vegan options clearly labeled out. I love going to the grocery store and seeing new vegan food items and dedicated planted based sections in an aisle. I love seeing vegan celebrities putting out awareness on the many benefits of being vegan. I love it coming on TV and radio. Its everywhere. Its mainstream. Its real.

I think all throughout history there are social and moral changes. You read it in the history books and watching documentaries. Big changes of human beings. Life changes as we know it. Whether it be religious, technology related, social, moral, culinary, you name it. There are impacts that happen and can take ages and years to occur. Its an exciting time for me as I make a change in my life toward being better and wanting to see that change in society. Vegetarian and veganism is real and here. We at a period of history and time when we begin to see the change transitioning. It dawns on us what seem deem as the Age of Reason.

I fully believe in it. In an age of reason, you dont need some outside force or higher authority to tell you what is right or wrong. You only need your mind and heart to guide you. Look at your surroundings and contemplate a truth. That truth which is a cruelty and suffering of animals is not right. That is the new mainstream. I’m just so happy in my soul to see it happening before my eyes.

I was out grocery shopping with my wife and child the other day at Giant. I see more and more options for vegan options all around me. ANd it blew my mind that White Castle makes a vegan burger. That big companies that are recognized by the common person has also made a switch. Whether it be internal moral compass or we animal lovers hit them in the pocket. The result is the same. Less animals suffering. Lets keep the momentum up!!! ANIMALS ARE FRIENDS NOT FOOD!




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