Increasing Tofu Options At Asian Grocery Market

Increasing Tofu Options At Asian Grocery Market

Yep, here we are back at again at Good Fortune Supermarket. My wife and I frequently visit this place for our grocery needs. We go here almost once a month to get food. Located at Eden Center in Falls Church, VA. Its a very convenient location to restaurants we frequent, to and from work, or to our rental house. Has Route 50 and Route 7 as its major intersections, its a place to zip on by. We’ve been coming here since the near its grand opening and have been pleasantly pleased with the options and prices they have provided so far.




What I have noticed is in its once small tofu section has grown quite increasingly large. It used to be simple medium and soft tofu options in large uncooked packages. With now growing into 3-4 sections. In it, you can find a variety of deep fried tofu, hard tofu, mock chicken and beef tofu, five spice tofu, hot and spicy tofu, soy noodles and so on. Included are a bunch of soy milk options as well. I’m overly impressed on the variety and vastness of selection. These tofu options can be used in a ton of dishes. Before being regulated to just regular soft tofu, it was very hard to incorporate to dishes with flavor. Its the toughness and texture in these other tofu options that satisfy the craving that I use to get from meat.

Not only with that, there are 3-4 Vegetarian soup options as well in a can. It is just as good as Pho Hot In Annandale. I’m almost certain they pop open one of these cans and then put some noodles it. Sorry to say, I’ll probably have to save on the $6 to just eat and make at home. Now its just time to find the hard whey soy that they get and I’m set for life.


So a thumbs up to Good Fortune to increasing there tofu options and helping vegetarians like myself.

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