e the people elect the President. We the people elect our Senator. We the elect our Congressperson. We the people make the laws that shape our country. Yeah we and me. With our vote we weld the Almighty power. Thats what I grew up thinking, thats what we grow up being taught. Remember 8th grade civics class? Yep. That was me in 8th grade at Poe Middle School in Annandale. Learning about how government works and how things get done. We even had Tom Davis, our Congressman, come to class and answer questions. Whoopie!

Well thats where I got my idea to write letters to my current Congressman Gerald Connolly and see if change can be made. He did write me one very nice letter. I wrote and mailed a few more to follow no response. So be it. I emailed my local delegate as well to see what input she has and could provide insight for. Lets see. I emailed her April 14th, 2017. I received an email from here last week. What makes that March 16th, 2018. So thats only about 11 months right? A short 11 months…..

Now I don’t make this post to criticize Kaye Kory or poke fun. My email could have been lost or sidetracked. But lets face it, with our current political climate and near a war with North Korea. I don’t think pet issues or little wee me is really important on the whole scope of things. From Gerald and Kaye’s emails, you can tell the like to frame what they are already doing and its an A+ job. I get it, maybe I didn’t do my research, and you want to say you’re one of the good guys. You have done work. But I think my emails are a little more in depth and should get a little more in depth response. I’m talking the death of thousands of pets here. I want to stop the selling of puppy mill dogs not just in Annandale, not just in Fairfax County, not just in Northern Virginia, but the whole STATE! But yeah lets start with Annandale or maybe Fairfax County.

Whats my point? I have to say it just get me nowhere to deal with the system. People are already on it. I can’t wait to depend on people or convince them a dog dying is more important to address than poverty, crime, taxes, infrastructure issues, etc that any person in her position have to deal with. I concluded there was no point to put my civics knowledge to a real world test. Why bother. Reconfirms my notion we need to hit the people it affects the most. Groundwork and lots of it. Thats how you make change, at the source. One by one, once a day or once a week. Thats one more people knowledgeable about pet awareness issues, thats one more person who can help spread the word.

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