Hello Fellow Vegan Foodies,

There’s an amazing asian vegan restaurant right in our Northern Virginia backyard. Its tasty and oh so good. Go visit now!



Thats the letter I would write to everyone I know to eat at this place immediately. Its that good. Its not a “oh thats pretty good for vegan food”. No just take out “for vegan food” part. Its actually just good. My wife was doing some research for vegetarian and vegan places for me to eat at. She found this little gem in Fairfax, VA. Pretty close to Mosaic area in Merrifield. I was super surprised I never heard of it when I searched before. Amazing they have locations all across the U.S. Now I know why.

They had “Phnom Penh Noodle Soup”, you heard it. CAMBODIAN NOODLE SOUP VEGAN STYLE. How is that even possible. My wife got the caramelized fish pot. And we got some fried dumplings and chicken nuggets as well. Everything is actually gooooood. REAL GOOD. Its hardy, tasteful, light, and makes me feel at home. I can’t believe they can make it just the same as real meat based soups. The traditional caramelized fish, i mean how do you do mock fish. They did it. And my wife loved it as well. Now if she loves it, now you know its good. She’s a true critic haha. Makes me super happy to know these places are around and doing well. Tides are turning. Meat eating foodies, catch the wave.

Oh and everything else rated. Service good, place is clean and well decorated. Yeah and food is great! Enjoy.

Here is the Yelp and Restaurant link to check it out!



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